Trip up to the property

On Saturday we went for a day trip up to the property. My parents and my sister both have trailers up there and were camping, but I didn’t want to stay since it would get cold and T had a lot of homework to finish. Ballerina Girl had a blast up there! I took a bunch of pictures of the place so that you could see the future place. The parcel I chose is more wooded, and so I’ll be doing a lot of clearing out, but it’s absolutely perfect.

Here we are on our property! Little Rambo was asleep when we took the picture, so she isn’t in it. Isn’t it a beautiful view? I can’t wait to look out my kitchen window and see that! So basically, to reiterate… my parents bought this 120 acre piece of land and each of us siblings has chosen a parcel and we will buy it from them and build on it. Most of us are planning on living there full-time at some point except the youngest, she’s still not sure. It’s a gorgeous spot, and the beauty is that we each liked a different piece and so there was no arguing about which spot. Each of us will have 20 acres and so plenty of space around us but we’ll still be close by each other.

This all came about because when I was young, we lived out in the semi-country on a little acreage. There were several houses all grouped together, my cousins in one. I remember that time so well, and I had such a wonderful life when we lived there… catching tadpoles, eating peas from the garden, playing in the mud, swinging on the rope swing, running around with the dog, you name it. I wanted that life for my children! As we all began to discuss things we realized that all of us siblings wanted the same thing for our kids. So we decided that we would all move up there, giving each other enough space to do their own thing, but being close enough that our kids could grow up together. It’s important to me that my kids grow up in the country, and I’m excited for the day that we can move up there. If we’re lucky, we might be able to get up there in about 5 years or so.

The northwest view
This is a flat “bench” area that is right north of the homesite. The homesite overlooks the valley, but right below is a longish flat area that will be perfect for greenhouses or maybe an orchard someday.

This is the southwest view of the place You can see the bench down below a bit – it’s the lighter, un-shaded area before the trees start.Looking back down the driveway
The southwest view
This is the campsite that will someday be the homesite.

I brought up a couple cloves of my garlic to plant. The soil up there is fantastic! We’ll see what happens.

Here’s me with my little helper planting the garlicShe’s bringing leaves over to the garlic to mulch it. Isn’t she cute?
And the mulched pile. I planted the garlic all within about a square foot (5 cloves) and then I stuck the stick up to mark the spot. With the leaf mulch it ended up looking like a shallow grave… 🙂

This is actually directly south of where our home will be located – at the highest point on the bluff.
Partly cleared area – this will all be a part of my growing space someday. Right by the second tree on the left is where I planted my garlic.
Our new wheels! It’s a Honda CR-V, we just got it on Friday. It sure is nice to drive a vehicle that isn’t all rickety and feeling like it will fall apart any minute! Thank you, Granddad!
Ballerina Girl loved the swing – the men put in a playground for the kids since we have so many young kids in our family. It’s a really great thing for them when we are all camping up there!
She also had fun in the dirt

Here’s Ballerina Girl planting wildflower seeds with her Grammie 🙂 Oh, and Snick the dog…

This is actually a photo of what will be my brother’s parcel, but it was a cool picture so I wanted to include it.
And here’s the pasture – the closest part will be my brother’s and then further along will be my parents’ part – the parcels run parallel to each other.

So there you have it! It’ll be nice to take pictures in the springtime – all the grass is brown and dying right now but the place is so gorgeous in the springtime – everything greens right up and there’s so many flowers everywhere!

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  1. Bethany, it is gorgeous! What an exciting adventure you are going on…I envy you. If only I were 40 years younger….. ,-)

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