So last week we bought a Wii and a Wii Fit. I’d been wanting one for a while but we didn’t have the cash for it so when the IRS graciously decided to finally give us our tax refund and stimulus (don’t ask… long story) we went out and got one! My sister has one and I think it’s really fun, and the Fit looked cool. We’ve both really enjoyed it in different aspects, and one of the things I really like is starting my morning with some stuff to get my blood going just a little bit.

There’s pros and cons to it. Fact is, I’m pretty overweight and while I’m motivated to lose weight, I am limited by the fact that I’m nursing Little Rambo. When you are nursing you don’t want to go *too* gung-ho on weight loss because you could lose your milk supply, which I don’t want. Before I got pregnant, I was working out on my lunch breaks and I was making good, steady progress. Of course, now I’m pretty much back to where I started from except I no longer live at the apartment complex with a workout room.

Therefore, I need something I can do at home while the kids are asleep (so even going walking or jogging would be out anyway). The Wii Fit has been great so far – I’ve been able to stay motivated, get up and do some yoga and step aerobics. Is it the most wonderful powerful workout ever? Of course not. Is it great for a working mom of 2 who has limited time available? Absolutely! I’ve been losing weight steadily since I started about a week & half ago. I’ve also been focusing on eating better (of course). One of the good things is that Mr. Hot Stuff also wants to focus on his fitness – his old job was physically intense and kept him in pretty good shape but of course now he’s not doing that anymore. He has a bowflex he’s been using which is working well for him, but he’s also seriously on board with the better food type stuff.

I cook from scratch mostly when I can. though with working and whatnot it gets complicated. In any case, I’m very happy with it. It’s a nice way to start my morning, is fun enough that I haven’t been unmotivated (except yesterday when I slept in because Ballerina Girl decided at 4:30 am that she was done sleeping for the night and I fought her on it until 7am). The yoga is surprisingly do-able and I like the step aerobics, though I wish I could do it at a faster pace.

What I REALLY like about it is that I can see my weight loss on a graph all done up for me and it tracks everything. Since I generally just do my weigh-ins at 7am in the morning, it’s pretty consistent as far as fluctuations are concerned and so I know the results I’m getting are pretty accurate. Of course, I am keeping in mind that just nursing burns about 2-300 calories per day anyway so I’m sure that’s helping, but I never had much luck with the nursing helping my weight loss by itself. I just unlocked the boxing exercise today and I’m hoping that will be something that I can do. The boxing game on the regular Wii Sports is VERY aerobic and had my arms sore for days.

So all in all, I really like it and it was a great investment. Very worthwhile. Basically, you get what you put into it. There’s lots of ways to cheat and pretend you worked hard when you didn’t. For me, I figure, I’m just cheating myself and so if I’m feeling lazy or tired that particular day, then I’ll just do easier exercises.

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  1. I was pretty miserable on sept. 2nd, 2007 – because my gut was really getting too big….(those danged buffet bars). Anyway, I changed the way that I eat, and have lost 31 lbs over a span of a year. I feel much better……BTW, I think hubs hair is way cool! I saw a few last night at the GWAR concert that looked like that.

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