My grow rack

Well we’ve got things going underway now. I bought a nice sturdy rack at Costco for under $70. It’s got 5 shelves and is super heavy, made from powder-coated steel. THe assembly was actually pretty simple. I realized that I could theoretically fit 2 shop lights on each rack if I wanted to. I have 4 right now, I might double them up and see how it does.

Mr. Hot Stuff picked me up 8 plastic flats and 5 space blankets. I’m going to wrap the space blankets around the rack, leaving a “curtain” at the front that I can open and close at will. This will reflect the light and also trap in the heat. We’ve situated it pretty close to the furnace and so I’m hoping that the trapped warmth will eliminate the need for any warming mats in order to germinate my tomatoes and especially peppers.

Other than that, I’ve got my seed order and my seed starting ingredients. And I got a nice pretty green wheelbarrow to mix it all in, though I might just end up using plastic bins in the basement since I think that would be easier. I bought a bunch of peat moss, some vermiculite, and a couple bags of organic compost. I also have my mycogrow mycelium inoculant, and some different inoculant from Gardens Alive. I’m also planning on separating out my earthworm castings from my worm bins and using all of that. I’ve got some bags of dry, shredded leaves in the garage that I’ll mix in as well. I’m trying to find a source of a larger amount of vermiculite but I’ll have to settle for the small bag I got at Lowe’s. I’m hoping that when the nurseries open up in a few weeks that I’ll be able to buy larger quantities of vermiculite. Or maybe when Big R opens their lawn & garden shop for the season… I’ll have to call them and see when that will be.

Other than that, I need to keep folding my newspaper pots!

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