Started seeds!

One of these days I’ll get new batteries that WORK for the camera and then we can start posting pics again!

On Sunday Ballerina Girl and I had fun planting seeds. I planted 2 flats of peppers, some tomatoes, tomatillo, and some eggplant. Ballerina Girl got a bag of pumpkin seeds and she had a great time planting them and mixing them in with the dirt. We put them under our lights, covered with saran wrap to trap in the moisture and here we go 🙂 Nothing’s happened yet, of course. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get the rest of my early planting done – broccoli, cabbage, cukes, etc. I might wait a bit for the cukes though since I won’t be setting anything out until the end of May. I’ll also be doing some herbs, melons and squash soon.

I kinda wanted to do lunar planting but the way things are working out is that I am able to plant when I am able to plant. Maybe next year I can coordinate with the phases and whatnot. Apparently the gravitational pull of the moon makes a difference when you are planting. Next year I am buying a farmer’s almanac. In fact, Mom if you are reading this, a farmer’s almanac would be a GREAT Christmas present, this way I can plan it all out before I start anything. Next year I’m hoping to start my peppers quite a bit earlier.

I need to get pictures of my grow setup posted – it’s so sweet! It’s huge powder-coated steel shelf unit, 4 feet wide. So far I have 2 shop lights hung, I still need to get chains and bulbs for the other 2. I’ve curtained the whole thing with mylar space blankets to reflect the light from the shop lights and to keep in the heat. Peppers especially like it warm for germination and since it’s not particularly warm in the basement it’s been working pretty well, especially with the saran wrap on top of the soil to trap in the heat and moisture. I think I’ll get some humidity domes to help them along but the plastic wrap will do in a pinch until I can get some of those.

I have a garlic sprout! I’m so proud of it. It’s the only one up so far, but I did dig a little under the mulch and the others are coming up slowly. The neighbor’s dog apparently did a little digging in my garden beds this winter looking for mice that I think nested in the mulch but I don’t think he disturbed any of the garlic. I’m not going to be a happy camper if he digs up my plants after I plant them… my neighbor is a very nice guy though and so I’m sure he would be nice about it if I had to ask him to keep his dog in the yard.

That’s all for today!

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