The weekend

Well, I didn’t get everything done on my list. The kids decided to conspire against us and make it a practically nap-less weekend. Even Little Rambo fought it. It was really weird.

So… what I did. I made some baby food, although didn’t have enough for all week. I did some laundry, I got the flowerbed cleaned up (T and I decimated the blackberry bramble that was trying to take it over) and so hopefully the mums won’t have disease this year since all the old growth is cut out. I tried to pull up some of the grass that has a hold of part of it but I think that’s a lost cause. It’s a shame the bed wasn’t maintained, there’s a lot of really pretty flowers in there. When we pulled out the bramble we discovered a rosebush that had died. 🙁

I did get all the purple broccoli potted up and a lot of the cabbage. I got a yard of compost and was able to spread it all. I got my bulb onions transplanted outside and the scallions will be OK to wait another week. Potatoes are planted. I didn’t get any of my direct seeding done, though. Still have the regular Waltham broccoli and a little of the green sprouting broccoli that’s trying to grow out of the flat and take over the grow rack. It’s hard when they are so big because then you break half the seedlings trying to untangle them!

The worst part about it? I can’t find my garden plan! I spent all this time making one that took into account shady spots, crop rotation for next year, companion planting, etc. So, I just planted some of my onions in each bed except the one I remember I wanted to put my tomatoes in. We’ll see. This morning I laid out a new one and it’s waiting for me to redesign it.

Anyway, this weekend was frustrating because I just couldn’t seem to get stuff done. And I was going to start running again now that it’s light out early enough but I slept through my alarm. I’m just so dog-tired these days. I don’t know how moms with young babies are supposed to get back in shape if we’re so tired from being UP ALL NIGHT with a teething baby that we can’t even wake up on time. Can you tell I’m annoyed? Still need to do a lot of direct seeding and a lot of potting UP. And I realized that I really should have 2 shop lights on each rack instead of 1, especially when I have the bigger cups. So I’ll probably be spending more of my allowance this weekend. There’s worse things to spend it on, that’s for sure 🙂

One thing I keep telling myself is that I don’t have ROOM for all these plants so it’s OK if some of the seedlings die. I have 100+ potted up plants. I do plan on selling the extras on craigslist but the thing is, people are going to want herbs and tomato plants… they aren’t going to be as excited as I am about french cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, etc. So it’s ok if I let some of those guys go. I still have a flat of peppers that will need transplanting in a week or 2, and a half flat of broccoli & cabbage & eggplant.

Any of you gardeners out there know exactly what I’m deeling…

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  1. Bethany, we wait all winter for this, then it hits us all at once! The calendar just wont wait, and real life seems to step in and take over at the most inopportune times! I hope things settle in to place for you soon, and you get caught up on your rest. At least you are young….;-)

  2. I totally agree with Granny. I spent two gardenless weeks in the middle of seedling starting season.

    That said, gardening with a newborn is inhuman effort. Bravo! I wouldn’t think of it as how do people do it, cause they don’t, hehe. They get their husbands to do it (read me).

    Good luck and use the garden as a 5 minute retreat when the kids are napping.

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