The weekend’s work

So we went up to the property for the day on Saturday. Actually, a partial day. Ballerina Girl threw up a couple times on the way there and I think it wasn’t just carsickness, but I think she had what Little Rambo had earlier this week. She seemed a bit better but lethargic, practically begged to take a nap later on. We ended up just going home around 3 after she woke up. But in the meantime it was great to tromp around on the property! We went around with my dad and brothers looking at the property lines and discussing home sites. Someday soon we’ll need to start actually planning instead of discussing!

My garlic is looking fabulous up there! If you remember, last fall I planted a couple cloves of garlic and mulched them with old leaves. They survived and came up quite nicely. A little shorter than my garlic here, but the winter lasts a bit longer up there than it does down here. I’d say the garlic was at least 6-8 inches tall already. You can see in the pictures that it’s definitely doing well. I’m just glad deer don’t eat garlic! I did plant 5 cloves and only 4 seem to have come up but that’s not bad.
I also had a couple bags of really badly sprouted potatoes. Not really good for anything but planting or composting, so I took them up there and Mom will find a place and plant them. Who knows what will come from that!

So then we came home and had a nice quiet evening. Ballerina Girl was feeling better on the way home, as indicated by the near-constant “Old Petonald hadda farm, EIEIO” we heard 😉 Little Rambo slept the whole way home. Ballerina Girl was still not 100% but at least she was feeling better… though it was an early bedtime for both girls. Ballerina Girl didn’t even want to read books – she asked to go to bed right away. Weird!

Sunday was a really nice day. I took Ballerina Girl to Lowe’s in the morning and we got some more annuals for my brick planter, some more shop lights with bulbs, a small charcoal BBQ, a timer for the faucet outside, some grass seed to patch the spot under the spruce tree, etc. It was a nice trip for us and we had fun 🙂 I don’t usually go to the chain stores, I prefer going to the locally owned Ace or Big R but Lowe’s had these bulbs for the shop lights that supposedly have the same spectrum as sunlight. Same price as regular bulbs, I think around $6.75 for 2 of them. So, we’ll try those out and see how we do. I have TONS of potting up to do and STILL didn’t get my seeding done.

HOWEVER, in spite of the fact I didn’t get my direct seeding done, I did get something major done. I wish I could take pictures but the stupid camera… nuff said. Anyway, my biggest issue was that I didn’t have dividers for the square feet on my beds. The thing is, my beds are not perfectly square footed, if that’s even a term. They are 3.75’x7.5′ and so a couple sections are not quite a foot wide. Because of that, I don’t want to “eyeball” each section because I KNOW I’d be off. I was trying to think of the best way to get some dividers, and CHEAP.

What I decided to do was this: I measured out my increments on the beds themselves and marked them. I took my biggest drill bit (about 1/3 inch or so) and drilled holes into the beds about a half inch below the top. I then just threaded and wove my string (got a roll of polyester mason’s twine at Lowe’s for $1.65) through the holes. It looks neat and tidy, and the best thing – it makes it VERY inconvenient for the cat to use the beds as his LITTER BOX. I’ll take a photo as soon as I can because it’s VERY cool. Now I have all the beds sectioned off, and my half sections are nicely marked as well. My neighbor commented on how organized I am about this. Well… if anything in my life can be organized I guess it could be this!

Other than that, I still have tons of potting up to do but I’m really trying to be relaxed about it. The truth is we do have a pretty long season here so it isn’t like NOW OR DIE. It’s ok if it takes me longer. It’s OK if I have to wait another week or so to plant carrots. My garden will be fine. This is my first one ever, for crying out loud! The point is to have fun with my girls and to grow good food.

I think all this beautiful weather is mellowing me out 🙂 We also did get some more annuals – I got some white impatiens and some purple alyssum to plant in the brick planter, and then we also got some magenta and purple primroses for the side flowerbed. I think the brick planter is pretty full… it’s going to be so gorgeous this summer when everything is grown up. Ballerina Girl had fun helping me water in the plants. Then we grilled brats for dinner. All in all, it was a really nice day.

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  1. OK, so you DID post the garlic pics! I read that post, I wonder how I missed the photos? I am NOT getting senile!!

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