Worm Composting

I think it’s time to retire my worm bins. I’m horrible at maintaining them now that I have a backyard with a regular compost pile. Down in the basement, y poor worms, hardy souls that they may be, have been severely neglected.

So I think one of the to-do things on my list for this weekend will be to distribute the contents of the bins among my garden beds. The beds are filled with mulch-y food for them anyway, and I think they will do better out there. More room for them to expand in numbers, and a pretty much indefinite supply of food with all the compost, manure, shavings and leaves that fill the beds.

It’s kind of a sad thing, though. Those compost bins really helped me through the time when I lived in the apartment and had no yard. I really hope and pray that I never have to live in an apartment ever again. Living with no yard to work in for me is a difficult scenario. So, it’s bittersweet, but I think the only sad part is really my nostalgia kicking in. And if anything ever comes up and I need to set up a bin again I can always go grab some worms to start with from my garden beds. I’m sure by the end of the summer there will be bazillions 🙂

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  1. I’ve never had the nerve to start a worm bin. I’m sure I’d forget or neglect them, then have their deaths on my conscience forever. I was,however, thrilled to dig up a couple of big night crawlers in the garden yesterday. I haven’t seen many in my new beds yet, just a few…but that means they are on their way!

  2. You know I have completely neglected them for over 6 months. I know I neglected them for a really, really long time before (I think my entire pregnancy with my first daughter) and they survived. Hardy creatures!

  3. Sorry it didn’t work out. Out of sight, out of mind, that’s for sure. Under the sink’s the place for the bin. That’s where I have a kitchen compost bucket (read kitty litter bucket). It gets emptied semi-regularly. But I understand about not being able to keep it up. That’s the reason I don’t have one, but do have a hot compost pile.

    Here’s to you keeping your home and yard! Enjoy it!

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