Mother’s Day weekend

And what a weekend it was!

I did have to work a half day on Saturday so after I got off work we packed up the kids (OK after they woke up from naps) and went to the 2009 Garden Expo. I wanted to see if I could get my Mother’s Day gift there and then maybe pick up a couple blueberry bushes.

They had TONS of cool stuff there. Totally not what I was looking for, though. I think next year I’ll have to force my mom to come with me. There were lots of great booths with all kinds of outdoor decor, furniture made from thin saplings, antiques refinished (a FABULOUS potting shelf or two or hundred), tons of plants and veggie starts, etc. It was really fun! Except there was only one place to buy rose bushes and they were like $17 for one small stem (unique ones, though).

So afterwards we went to Big R and I picked out my rosebush 🙂 And for those of you who think it’s weird for me to get my own gift… well yeah. This is the first year we’ve implemented what will become our family tradition. Every year for mother’s day, my dad used to get my mom a fuchsia hanging basket. I like that tradition, but wanted roses instead. Mr. Hot Stuff didn’t have a chance to get one earlier this week and then when we decided to go to the Expo we just assumed they would be there. Apparently not. So I got a beautiful cream-colored rose with red edges. Similar to my old favorite Double Delight but a different type. I’ll put it into a large container and then in a few years when we move to the property I’ll plant my roses (at that point there will probably be several) in a permanent spot.

In the garden news, I planted more radishes yesterday with Ballerina Girl. She was a great help. I poked holes in the dirt, and gave her one seed at a time to drop in. We did 12 in a square around the outsides of a couple holes where I’ll be putting in a tomato plant. I think we planted a total of 36. We’ll be rolling in radishes soon! The 2 squares I planted a few weeks ago are coming up strong. Right next to them I have my first batch of spinach coming up. The lettuce is also coming up and the onions are really gaining strength. I do think, however, that I will be getting some starts from the nursery still. The strawberries have put on a ton of new growth.

On Friday, the girls brought home some marigolds potted in cups for Mother’s Day. They went into the garden on Sunday. Ballerina Girl always talks about “Mama’s special flowers” and finally she has some she can call her own! Still haven’t seen any sprouts from the other herbs I’ve planted or my carrots.

The plant starts are still doing well. The Tomatillos are growing so fast, though, I think they are outgrowing their container. Next year I’ll plant those a little later. One of them even has a bloom! I have all my starts potted in little 9 or 12oz cups (I can’t remember which size). Next year I’ll be doing soil blocks so I think it will be easier to keep them in the correct size.

I didn’t turn my compost pile… I realized i’m gonna need another container to turn it INTO since I put the bolts on backwards (and therefore can’t take the “bin” off the pile while it’s standing like I should be able to). So I’m gonna see if I can get another one. It’s still nice and warm and I’ve got lots of coffee grounds waiting to be mixed in.

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