Cheep Cheep!

Last weekend we had planned a trip up on Saturday to the property to go visit Grammie and Papa. As you remember, I had spent the afternoon the week before with my mom building a chicken tractor of sorts for her new chicks. She only got a few at the time and so suggested that I take the girls to the feed store that’s right down the street and get some more chicks, since they were supposed to get some sexed laying pullets in.

Little Rambo was pretty sick the night before (I think she threw up more than 10 times in 24 hours!) and so I ended up staying home with her on Friday but then Mr. Hot Stuff was there for part of the time too so I took Ballerina Girl to the feed store and we picked out some chicks! They were guaranteed 97% female so most likely we got no roosters in the bunch 🙂 Ballerina Girl picked out a Barred Rock for hers (Her name is “My Black One”) and I had wanted Auracanas and so I picked out one for me (Fluffy) and one for Little Rambo (Bolt). We also got two Buff Orpingtons (Buffy and Angel) and two Leghorns (Foghorn and Leghorn) and two Rhode Island Reds (Itchy & Scratchy). We got a heat lamp and put out a dish of water for them in a rubbermaid bin. The girl at the feed store was a doll and gave us some extra food since it was Friday and we wouldn’t be getting them up to Grammie & Papas house until Saturday… so we got them a little dish of food and some shavings and they were quite comfortable.

Ballerina Girl had a blast, of course. Little Rambo also had lots of fun but she’s such a flitterbug that she wasn’t as focused… Ballerina Girl basically sat next to the chicks all afternoon and then the next morning.

On Saturday the chicks got to ride up between the two carseats in their little rubbermaid bin and so that was some nice extra entertainment for the girls. When we got there, we put them into the cage with the other chicks and they fit right in!

Little Rambo’s investigating…

My girls and their chicks!

Ballerina Girl loves “My Black One”

This is what she did… for hours. Talk about focus!

Ahh she was finally brave enough to hold My Black One on her lap!

Look at me!

And just because it was so pitiful and cute, this is what I came home to on Thursday. Little Rambo had already thrown up about 5 times, so he finally just stripped her naked (since he kept changing her clothes) and laid her on him and she passed right out… I’ve never seen her do that. Poor thing! She woke up later and did the same thing with me for a few hours also up into about 5am Friday morning.

But by Friday night she was feeling like her saucy little self!

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