Planted tomatoes & peppers

So actually before I go in to what I planted today I have to say… I have been in a conundrum. what’s a girl to do when she wants to garden but will be moving in the middle of the summer?

grow in containers! 🙂
So what i ended up doing this afternoon was loads of back breaking work. I am exhausted! I filled tons of containers I got from my Mom and planted tomatoes and lots of peppers.

Here you can see a few of them. I can’t remember what’s what, but those are mostly peppers and the small one is an old dried up petunia, I’m not sure if it will live.

Here’s my tomatoes. And yes I had to fill the containers, plant the maters, and then I dug holes in the beds and put the containers in. In my theorizing this will help them from getting too dried out (plus I’ll mulch too) and then I can utilize my fancy shmanzy irrigation system that I put in. You can see the lines going over the maters. This way when I move, I can just pull them out.

Here is my only fully planted bed. On the far side I’ve got 3 different types of onions, then I have some carrots. I did have radishes but they weren’t bulbing out so I pulled them and just stuck the peppers in there. All those are peppers. And way to go me for recycling – the white containers on the far right are milk jugs with the tops cut off.

And just for fun, here’s one of my shady beds, you can see the peas growing in the little patch I planted. Also you can see the lone BROCCOLI which is what I thought initially was some sort of weird lettuce.

Here’s my Borage that I direct seeded. I dug one of them up and put it in a container next to my strawberries and potatoes.

And here’s my happily mulched strawberries and a few surviving runners in the black container. Those will go up to my parents’ place.

Some more of my starts!Most of these are my melons, cucumbers and pumpkins. I don’t know how many of those I will plant, but many of them will probably end up at my parents’ place too. On the right there are two raspberry starts that I dug up from my friend’s house. I have someone mailing me some salmonberry starts too, so we’ll see if those survive!

And here is some of my other plants. Some leftover peppers & maters that I’ll plant at my parents’ place and you can see the grape cuttings in the back out for some sunshine.

My tropicals! They are growing like crazy.

Except my pepper vine has mites! I’m going to try smoking them out tonight and see how that goes. I’m pretty sure the mites were on it when it got here.

My vanilla orchid is growing! That green shoot at the top is brand new.

And here’s one of the first citrus trees that I got – allll of that is new growth. Crazy huh! It’s also setting bud for another flower… I had pulled off all the flowers when I got it because I wanted it to establish first for about 6 months but apparently it’s pretty happy 🙂

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