And she’s back!

Well yes I know it has been just MONTHS since I posted but I have some very very good news. A lot has happened in the last few months, the most significant of which is that my husband has gotten a job which allows me to be a stay-home mom. It wasn’t the job up by our property, we actually had to relocate to the Seattle area, but it is definitely a step in the right direction! We moved at the beginning of September and have been staying at my parents house until our new home is ready.

We managed to find, by the grace of God, a house that is perfect. It’s about an hour’s drive away, but Mr. Hot Stuff avoids most of the rush-hour and it’s right outside a town that has less than 700 people. We share some acreage with the owner of the rental who will be our neighbor. There’s lots of fruit trees, cane fruits, and tons of wild foraging for mushrooms and berries. It’s kind of in the “rain forest” of Washington and so I think I’ll have to be on the lookout for sparkly vampires, lol 😉 It’s also big enough that we can have another baby next year and still have an office (and the master bedroom has one of those BIG bathtubs!).

But I am really excited to start this new endeavor. Even though we’re still kind of treading water here in this house, not really unpacking our stuff (and my only cooking devices are an electric skillet and a convection microwave), I’ve been able to make some good headway with the girls and I am absolutely just loving the simple pleasures of being able to do laundry as it gets dirty, not as I have time and constantly being behind. My kitchen gets cleaned daily instead of twice a week. My kids are happier and the girls really are becoming a lot closer now that they spend more time together. They are learning better habits than what we had energy to enforce when I was working… and the list goes on. I’m more active and I am eating better.

And I haven’t even had a chance to do much homesteady stuff! Although I did decently yesterday making a pizza crust without a recipe, bowl, or mixer. Kind of a “dump” it all on the counter and knead it together” deal. I just can’t wait until I can start baking our bread again, cooking up pasta sauce and chili to can into quarts, and all the gardening potential of the new house can’t be beat! Granted, I probably won’t have much luck growing peppers there, but our new landlords pretty much give us carte blanche with the place as long as it makes it look nicer.

Anyway, the other half of why I hadn’t been posting is just because my laptop had died and our ancient desktop is so slow it takes several minutes for webpages to load… it’s mostly good for checking facebook and email and that’s it. But now that I got my laptop back (thanks to the best big brother ever!) I should be able to post a lot more regularly than I ever have.

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