So I’ve made the decision to fully cut out HFCS from our family’s diet. The stuff is so bad for you, in spite of being “derived” from corn, it is still unnatural and our bodies are not processing it the same way. In spite of some people’s belief, I do not feel that a calorie is a calorie. I have seen too much of a difference with different eating styles. I have continued to make adjustments to the way we eat gradually moving us to a more natural and self-sustained lifestyle and as that has happened, we have become healthier. So what I am saying is calorie for calorie, a grilled cheese sandwich made with Wonder Bread, Milk Jello (what my hubby calls pasteurized process cheese) and margarine is going to be digested differently than, say, one made with whole wheat sourdough you made with homeground flour, sourdough starter, water and salt, add in your homemade cheese and butter from your dairy cow. Do we really think this is the same?

Sigh. I know this is “anecdotal” evidence but I can’t help but feel strongly about it since I know how differently I feel when I eat the modern junky food vs. home produced food. I’ve often said that one of the reasons people used to just eat bread & cheese for a meal is because it used to actually be SATISFYING. I never knew just how satisfying it was until I made my own bread from homeground wheat and rye.

One of the biggest problems with HFCS is that it makes you crave it more. I have also noticed that. Have you considered that the fact that HFCS makes you crave more sweet might be why people go through cases and cases of soda, or eat an entire box of doughnuts? Much of that is habit, and can easily be evidenced even by my lack of restraint when it comes to my sister’s pumpkin bread she gave me yesterday 😉 But I thoroughly believe that HFCS has something to do with why we eat so many sweets.

Here is an article about a study that was done at Princeton where they fed rats equally except one group was given sugar and one was given HFCS. Identical diets otherwise. The group given HFCS gained more weight. A calorie is NOT just a calorie.

Not as easy to eliminate HFCS as you’d think.  I need to start getting better at reading labels.  I have an allergy to soy protein and so over the years I have figured out what I can and cannot eat and so don’t read the labels a whole lot anymore.  That, however, has to change because HFCS is in EVERYTHING.

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