What’s happened in the last few months

Well, so much has happened I should update all of that, at least the stuff I can remember.  You know, it’s kind of funny because I remember thinking quite often “I need to blog this!” but I just never had the time.  I heard it said by another woman who made the swap from working mother to stay home mother that one of the things that bothered her the most was that her job and employer got her at her best… and her family got what was left over.  I agree with that statement wholeheartedly.  Some women are cut out to be working mothers, but I was never very good at it.  By the time I got home, I was tired and was not interactive with the kids.  As I’ve mentioned before, housework was constantly piled up.  If one of my children was sick, I would fret all day because I wanted to be the one caring for them, but I had to be at work.  Not only that, but my job entailed taking the occasional verbal abuse from a customer because of an issue that needed to be resolved.  Some days were worse than others.  There’s nothing quite like going to work all day long, listening to people berate you over things you have no control over (and quite frankly, were most of the time their own fault), then come home to a dirty kitchen, sit with your kids in an exhausted silence for an hour while they watch TV, put them to bed, sit in your own exhausted silence for a little while longer, then go to bed.  Many of my days were like that.  There’s no health to a life like that – there’s no “life” to a life like that.

Contrasting it to what it is today… I realize I might be redundant but this is such a huge significant thing for me.  I bless God for my husband who was so determined to  make things work, going to school in order so I could stay home.  And I bless God for providing a wonderful job so quickly with a very stable company in such a time of economic hardship.

So on to the purpose of this post, shall we?  Mr. Hot Stuff finished school in June and began his job search.  Nothing happened, not even a nibble.  He’d been in talks with a company up by the property but finally they said (after about 5 months of delays) that they could not afford to hire anyone.  Ok, fine.  So he ended up going back to the box manufacturing company where he worked before school to drop off his resume, just so he could get “a” job.  Well, he happened to see someone when he was using the restroom who was one of the higher-ups and remembered him.  That man forwarded T’s resume to their corporate office and they called him the next day.  That was on a Wednesday, they flew him out to Renton on Friday and there was a very nice job offer in the email before he was even on the plane back to Spokane.  It all happened really quickly.  It was decided also really quickly that even though the responsible thing would be to overlap for a while, it would be a bad idea.  First I’d have to find a new daycare, which is considerably  more expensive out there.  One daycare quoted me a price for both my kids that was higher than my take home pay.  Then even if I found a cheaper one, the commuting costs, convenience food, etc.  It just was not worth it.  So I gave 2 weeks notice at my job which gave me a week to pack the house.

It was difficult to leave my job although I was so excited about being able to stay home that it really saw me through the sadness of leaving.  In spite of some of the harder parts of the job I still really enjoyed it and I had a great employer.  My boss was great, and my co-workers were great.  It was hard to leave, but also easy if that makes sense.  I think mostly because I had expected it to happen a little more gradually, but literally all of this happened within days.

We got here and moved into my parents house here in the Seattle area.  We’ve been here since the beginning of September.  We are waiting for our house to become vacant, which was supposed to be 10/1 but apparently the tenants are taking a little longer.  It’s not easy staying in a house while trying to stay packed, but we are anticipating being able to move the weekend after next.  Hopefully!

In other news, this year I was not really able to get much from my garden.  I kind of knew it would happen like that.  I  brought most of what I had planted in pots up to my parents house, but they got “loved” by the dogs and so most of them didn’t make it.  It’s ok though, it was experimental anyway.  Apparently my landlord after we moved decided they had to take out the garden and of course charged me $20/hour to do it.  At least I was able to get most of my raised beds and my plants up to the property, and most of the ones I didn’t get were given to my dear friend Desiree.  I think I  kind of knew the landlord was going to do that… anything to be able to not give us back our deposit!

One of the successes, though, is that we did get at least ONE Dad’s Sunset tomato, and my dad kindly brought it to me… so now I have more seeds! It is an orange tomato and is quite delicious.  This was my last shot at getting more without having to buy them, so that was nice.  I also was successfully growing parsnips, which are difficult to grow, so even though I had to LEAVE them (for all I know they could have been stunted) I feel I have partly “arrived” as a gardener.  I won’t have much luck growing hot peppers at the new place, but I have devised some devices that I think might help 🙂  Our new house is in a moist and very shady place… so instead of it being hot and dry it is moist and shady and temperate.  But I am hoping that I can still do some experiments up at the property next year, I do want to practice gardening up there since we will eventually live there (think positive!).

Other than that, Little Rambo is now two and Ballerina Girl will be four next week.  Oh, how time flies.

You know something?  This year I will be able to make the Thanksgiving pies and the Christmas cookies!  I haven’t had the energy in past years to do it.  It’s such a novel thing to me, to be able to actually DO these things.  I made spaghetti  last night (using an electric skillet only, thank you!) and I used a jar of sauce since I can’t make my own.  But… soon I will be in a space where I can make my own and pressure can it and then have quarts of BETHANY’S spaghetti sauce!

I think perhaps one of the biggest differences is while I was occasionally able to do things like put up food, make cheese, bake bread, etc. now I am in a position to finally integrate those things as  part of our lifestyle.  This is where the blog will finally get good!  🙂

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