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OK so I thought I’d end up posting on the blog a lot more now that I’m at home.  It’s kinda funny how incredibly busy I am!  I’m adjusting nicely to life in the country.  The girls sure are too!  They love our new house.  It’s a lot nicer commute for Mr. Hot Stuff also, though is still pretty long for him.  But he gets to come home to dinner on the stove, the table set, with a nice wood fire crackling in the stove.

I’ve been doing a lot of analyzing with our finances.  You may notice that my blog now has some in-text ads on it.  I hope no one minds!  Basically, I am able to save money in a lot of ways living out here but there are also some associated costs.  For instance, paying a mortgage on the property while paying rent for the home, or the gas budget for my husband to be in traffic a minimum of two hours per day.  So I have been cutting back in every way possible and someone suggested I add the text ads.

I only decided to do it when I promised myself that any money earned from the ads will go straight towards developing our property.  So you, my dear reader, feel free to check out as many as you like.  Though I would not recommend clicking on 10 a day or anything!  But I will get paid a little bit for each click and I will keep a tally on the right side of the blog so you all know exactly how much you have helped us get THAT much closer to the property.

In other news, this week I’ve been a busy girl.  I have 14 jars of Mex beans (taco seasoned pinto beans) in the canner right now, and have already been canning up some spaghetti sauce and taco soup since I’ve been here.  Every day I haul in the day’s worth of wood.  I don’t think we’ve used the furnace since the second day we moved in!

I must say.. and I will give them a gratuitous plug here.  My husband had interviewed for a job at Quadrafire (Hearth & Home) stoves earlier this year but then they were not able to hire anyone because of a slow season last year.  Then we ended up out here, and the first thing our landlord does is tell us that he had just put in a nice new Quadrafire stove!  Quadrafire stoves are apparently very energy efficient with your wood so I was looking forward to trying it.  And I must say, we are so impressed with this woodstove that we will most likely look specifically for a Quadrafire when it comes time for us to move, and not whatever stove we can get off craigslist.

This Quadrafire heats our home evenly somehow.  My biggest fear with using wood heat would be that it would be stifling hot in the daytime and then freezing in the morning when we had to go build the first fire of the day.  Not so, my friends!  Actually this stove seems to burn so efficiently that I can just put on a log every couple hours and it burns it nice and slow to put off a little heat.  It uses a lot less wood than I thought and because it burns so slow it doesn’t roast me out of the couch!  That same efficiency means that at night before we go to bed, we load it up with logs, close it all up with the little levers and the dang thing will literally burn slow all night.  We stoke it back up in the morning with some more logs but it hasn’t been super cold in the mornings.  This morning was supposedly the coldest morning of the season so far (37 degrees) and it was a little cool but definitely not cold in the house.

I know this sounds kinda sales-y (especially if they put ads in the text for quadrafire lol) but I am rarely so impressed with something… I’m really a “buy generic” kinda gal normally.

Anyway I do need to go since the wood stove DOES get messy my floors need swept… lol.  Always something to do.  Did I mention I am now rolling Mr. Hot Stuff’s cigarettes instead of buying them to save money?  Every little bit counts!

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