New Home In The Woods

The last week or so has been a bit of a rush.  We finally got the call that our house was ready, so on Saturday we rented a van and thanks to the gracious assistance of my two brothers and the landlord & our new neighbor, we got everything moved over.  It’s kind of crazy with boxes and everything everywhere, but I have made good unpacking progress.  I’ve got most of the kitchen boxes unpacked (all except one).  Today was Mr. Hot Stuff’s first day to work driving from the new house.  It has been pouring down rain all day so first thing this morning I went out to the shed and got some wood and we’ve had a steady fire in the stove all day.  It’s been nice and cozy, and I’ve got bread rising and chowder in the crockpot.  The kids are napping and I am finally taking a break from unpacking!

I am so excited to be here.  I can’t even explain it.  The place is beautiful and remote but not TOO remote (although I’m trying to explain that to Qwest, I’ll go into that later).  It’s hard to get cell service and we have no phone or internet yet so we feel pretty isolated.  But at the same time, we’re within a 15 minute drive to a bigger town where I can hit up Costco and Winco and all the usual stores.  I just can’t take 5 minutes and run to the store for something quick though, I will have to make planned “errand” trips once a week in order to not waste too much gas.

So I guess I should give a bit more detail about this new house.  This is one we had been waiting for several months for it to be ready because we knew it would be the perfect fit.  It’s a doublewide mobile, though you can’t tell from the outside.  It sits on several acres right outside a tiny little town with a population of about 615 people.  We are definitely in the mountains and it is very remote.  Lots of big trees, and VERY wet.  Even the road signs out here have moss growing on them.  The house is big enough for us all to be comfortable if/when we have another baby, and it is fully fenced and ready for a dog.  There’s several outbuildings and lots of storage.  I am thinking about getting rabbits for meat this winter and also maybe in the springtime I could fix up the old chicken coop and bring our chickens out from my parents’ place.  There’s lots of wild foraging available, with wild berries and mushrooms around.  My landlord is a mushroom guy and has been giving us lots of chanterelle mushrooms and showed us how to pick them.

Gardening will definitely be a challenge.  There’s tons of huge cedars and we get so much rain that sunshine is really a premium.  The yard has lots of fruit trees, cane fruits (I think raspberries but not sure) and a huge overgrown grape arbor.  Vegetable gardening space is pretty limited but I think as we get a chance to explore a bit more I should be able to find nooks and crannies to grow my veggies in.  Our landlord lives next to us and he has offered me space to garden in his orchard that is fenced in against deer, although it’s quite a walk so I’m not sure if i wanted to garden that far away.  We will see!  I think due to the amount of rain and sun the fruit trees don’t usually produce as much as they could in a different climate but I am hoping for something!  I have a big huge cherry tree overhanging the deck right outside the back door.  I think I will have a glut of broccoli, cabbage, and other cole crops.  But, I will have to hand over the hot peppers and melons to my parents who are still on the hot side of the state.

Being here has gotten my mindframe into even more of a homesteading way.  We have the choice of getting trash pickup vs. taking ours to the dump, and I think I will opt for taking to the dump.  One of my biggest pet peeves at our house in Spokane was that the recycling was so incredibly limited.  I think this way I can get several large trash cans, and have one for cans and aluminum scrap, one for plastic recyclables, and then burn the paper waste.  Obviously I’d be composting the food waste.  I think that would really minimize our trash and save some money.  And hey, I could even find a place to pay a couple bucks for a can of cans!  With metal prices on the rise, it’s definitely something to consider.  Our ultimate goal is still to be able to build at our property, and so every dime counts.  We’re really trying to do our best to live “small” so we can get there sooner.  It’s kind of like the Dave Ramsey slogan for homesteaders – “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”  That’s just the truth!

Anyway as far as the Qwest is concerned, I am a bit frustrated.  Our landlord who lives right next to us has telephone, DirecTV and internet service.  I am being told by both Qwest and Comcast that they can’t serve our address, it is too remote.  That makes zero sense.  I’ve got some sort of service call right now to the local office with Comcast to see if they can extend their area to us, but we will see.  It’s tough because I can barely even use my cell phone!  So we’ll need to get a landline and I really hope we don’t have to resort to dialup, we all just love our Netflix and the internet is my #1 source of information on how to do these things.  If I had to choose only one luxury item, it would be internet, hands down.  Same for the rest of my family… so I just really hope we can figure something out.

Anyway so because of not having internet, I’m basically just writing these posts as I have time and then once I get somewhere that has wifi I will send them all.

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  1. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful chapter of your life. I can almost smell the bread baking and hear the chowder bubbling! It’s wonderful that you’re finally settled in your new home.

  2. Me and my wife have some space on our property that we want to use to keep some chickens. My wife is all on about how we’re going to eat our own eggs and give them to friends and all haha! She thinks it is romantic to get up in the morning and get our own eggs and what not haha. Other than eating and giving the eggs we think it is a great way for our oldest child to experience some responsibility taking care of the chickens! I am building a coop myself now and will post some pictures on the progress and final thing when it’s done. Check out our FACEBOOK page

  3. Hi Flossie! That sounds like fun 🙂 My mom has really enjoyed her chickens and I think I will too. I sure hope you don’t get a lot of snow though… that can kind of put a cramp on the romanticism though 🙂

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