Review: KitchenAid Fruit/Vegetable Strainer

Last year I bought the KitchenAid Fruit/Vegetable Strainer (FVSFGA/FVSP).  I almost sorta remember doing the same thing and getting the same results, but this time I am blogging it.  I remember last year I made applesauce with it and it turned out great. Nice smooth texture and all I did is quarter apples, cook them, and the strainer just extruded out the cores/peels/etc the end, while the sauce glopped down into the bowl below.

Tonight I used it to make pumpkin puree but didn’t have the same results.  The KitchenAid strainer is a very nice tool but was probably overkill for pumpkin.  The end where all the stems/peels/etc are supposed to come out is too big for something like pumpkin – you end up having the puree come out that end.  I might be a bit spoiled by my Piteba oil press.

The Piteba works in a similar fashion – you feed the material into the top on one hand, then a large screw moves it down to the end where the oil drips out the bottom and the solids are extruded out the end.  It has a screw at the end you can tighten or loosen depending on how much you are expecting in terms of solids.  Too big a hole and you have wasted material coming out the back.  Too small a hole and you end up with a backup of material inside that solidifies into a big chunk.

I wish the KitchenAid strainer had this.  It worked well for my applesauce but terribly for the pumpkin.  In fact, I ended up plugging the end with my finger and then periodically allowing it to extrude “stuff.”  Since I just scooped the innards minus seeds, there wasn’t much waste for it to extrude, maybe just some fibers from some parts that didn’t get cooked enough.  I think in the future I will use the Foley food mill for pumpkin. The other drawback is the strainer has 8 parts to clean.  KitchenAid did make up for that by making 7 of the 8 parts dishwasher-safe.  Easy enough to rinse off the pumpkin and throw it in the washer.

Having said this, the strainer is really an excellent tool.  I got it in a set with a food grinder (FGA) and also a Rotor slicer/shredder (RVSA).  I haven’t had the opportunity to test those ones out yet but they look very solid.  I adore my KitchenAid, if I had to choose one appliance to live with me on a desert island, that would be it.  These tools seem well made, although they might be overkill in some cases.  I don’t know when I might need the slicer unless I’m slicing something to be preserved or dehydrated… in which case I bet I’ll be glad I have it.

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