Irony – The Opposite Of Wrinkly

Post title stolen from Desiree.
OK here’s the really funny thing.  So a few days ago I decided to conduct an experiment to see how I’d do if we were snowed in for, say, a week.  I was going to go until next Saturday which is a normal shopping day.  Well we got some more snow!

(btw, the photo is of my late kitty “Furry” during the first big snowstorm when we lived in Loveland, Colorado.  I think we got about 2.5 feet.)

We were supposed to get a few inches and around here you generally multiply it.  I realized I never posted about the first snowstorm we experienced here, so let me explain.

Last month there was a crazy cold front that moved in and we had just moved into this house at the beginning of the month.  It was predicted we’d get about two inches overnight and we ended up with about 10!  Then, the next day we got about an additional 8.

It was very beautiful… but it was freaky.  Mr. Hot Stuff left work at 4pm that day and didn’t get home until nearly midnight.  My truck isn’t particularly safe in the snow, especially since the tires need to be replaced, so I stayed put.  It was all cleared up in a few days (at least, driveable) so it didn’t really have an impact on my routine, though Mr. Hot Stuff gave himself a snow day the next day (and spent about 5 hours shoveling snow lol).

Apparently that kind of snowfall is quite unusual even for living as close to the mountain as we do.  We are still in the Pacific Northwest and so we get mostly rain here, as evidenced by the ferns growing OUT of the moss growing ON the trees here.

Yes this morning I wake up to about 4 inches.  It’s not snowing now, but they are predicting another 2.5 inches.  So by my calculations, that’s… a FOOT! Actually yesterday they said it would snow a little overnight and then warm up to 39 in the afternoon but now Accuweather is saying otherwise… we’ll see.

Mr. Hot Stuff just left for work so I packed him another emergency kit (he used the food and water up from the last one and shame on me for not replacing it) and I hope he’ll be ok.

I’ll make another post later with my observations two days into my experiment.

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