Children and Watching TV – Update!

Kids Playing In The SnowSo it is now Thursday. As you read in my previous post – Children and Watching TV – What I did – I cut off the TV completely on Monday and took it out of the room.  It has been quietly sitting in a lonely corner next to the treadmill (which I DID use today, by the way).

The results of this can be summed up in one thing.  This morning after breakfast, instead of hearing the usual “Mooooom, we need to watch a SHOW!” I heard this:

Ballerina Girl: “Hey Little Rambo!  Let’s go play with our TOYS!”  And they ran off together into their room to go play.  My heart melted.

The girls sometimes think about it.  They sometimes ask to watch something.  They have had moments of complete and utter frustration (for me).

But here is what I’ve observed”

  • They are playing better together
  • They are getting used to entertaining themselves
  • They are more obedient
  • I have more time to get chores done.

What??  Did you just say you have MORE time without the TV?

Yep!  I sure did.  It’s kind of weird, I finally realized it today.  All week long I have just been getting things done.  I haven’t been feeling rushed or behind as much.  I’m often surprised at how quickly I am able to finish something.

Not only that, but I’m making progress.  You know how sometimes all we can do is “maintain” the home?  I have weeks like that quite a bit – but this week, it was an effortless “getting extra stuff done” week… and I didn’t even realize it until now.

Why?  Because my kids learned to entertain themselves.  My friend that I talked about in my last post was absolutely correct.  Watching TV was giving my kids an appetite for being entertained.  I like to think of it in terms of habits… so my kids were in the habit of being entertained.  By the TV, and then by natural extension, ME.

So when they learned to self entertain, that removed their dependence on the TV for entertainment but also significantly reduced in their need for me.  Not that they still don’t need me, but with them not WHINING as much, I am much better about taking the time to cuddle when they need me, or playing with them when they want me to.  I don’t have to fight them off me anymore so I can get dinner made anymore.

If you are reading this and thinking about making the move… I really can’t recommend it enough.  I am surprised at the difference it has made in my kids so far.  Yes, it’s a drastic move.  But taking it completely out of the picture has paid off, big-time.  I intend to keep it that way.  I may allow computer games back in next week when they are a little more accustomed to it, but the TV will never again be in the living room.

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