Gardening Challenge in 2011

Bethany's GardenWell it is right about that time of year when I start to get antsy to be out in the soil.  I love gardening – I love being able to be out there in the fresh air, I love that it gives me something to do with my kids, and I really just get this incredible rush from seeing the sprouts poke their heads up out of the soil.

This year I am up against a pretty good challenge.  I have 17 fruit trees at this house, which is WONDERFUL.  I also have a gorgeous but overgrown grape arbor and a nice double row of some sort of cane fruit.  But… it’s nearly all shaded.  I don’t think there is any one spot that I can put in an actual garden.

This means most likely I will be doing my best gardening in containers here and there.  This year is going to be a very exciting year for me though, because I am now NOT WORKING and so I have time to do a lot of gardening and also to put up a lot of food.

We have tons of apple and cherry trees, so I expect to have lots of applesauce and pie fillings this fall.  I am hoping for a pear tree or two as well, but we will have to see.  Most of the trees are marked but many of them are not… and all of them are overgrown and in need of some maintenance.  And if I am really lucky we might have a blueberry bush but I have to wait to see if it is one or not.

Other than that, we do live in the middle of the WA rain forest and so there’s lots of foraging – wild mushrooms galore and lots of wild red huckleberries and salmonberries (one of my favorites).

Unfortunately, I have my doubts on whether or not I will be able to produce enough tomatoes!  I think mostly because I will have to put plants here and there, I have no idea how well this will work.  I’ll have bees nearby next year so I should hopefully get a good fruit crop – maybe I can barter for veggies.

I guess the nice thing is I can still “long distance” grow all my hot weather plants like peppers & melons, I just have to let my mom do it for me!  So, I guess I feel out of sorts because I like it to be organized and not all willy nilly.

The picture above is of my old garden… I had to leave it behind but I was able to save most of the garden beds by taking them up to my folks’ place.  Apparently the landlord ripped it all out 🙁  Good thing I thought ahead and planted most of my plants in pots, I was able to give most of my veggies to a gardening friend before I left.  It makes me sad but I guess I can get over it 🙂

Another thing I am looking forward to this year is that Little Rambo is old enough now to really get interested in it.  I know Ballerina Girl wasn’t as interested until after she was two, and so I am hoping Little Rambo also takes an interest in gardening with me.

Between gardening and chickens I’m sure we will have lots to do outside this summer!  I’m hoping to get the Baker Creek catalog any day now… that will be a fun evening!

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  1. You might have to find that one sunny spot in your yard and build a greenhouse on it! Even a tiny one, just for tomatoes and peppers. KitsapFG (The Modern Victory Garden Blog in my sidebar) does grow some of her tomatoes that way, being in western WA. She also knows what varieties do well there, so you might contact her for some advise. I’ll anxiously await your upcoming blogs dealing with gardening in a rain forest!

  2. Oh I will do that – thanks! I don’t even know if I HAVE a sunny spot in the yard. I might have one in the front yard though, we will see. Or maybe I’ll just take over the driveway and tell hubby to park next to the road lol

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