Mama’s getting a GREENHOUSE!


Yep, you heard right!  So yesterday I guess Mr. Hot Stuff mentioned to the landlord as they were cutting wood that we were thinking about a greenhouse.  Yes, we were thinking, though I was kinda thinking “Gosh I hope I can find lots of free windows on Craigslist!”  So apparently he had a stash of glass behind one of the workshops.

He took me back there and there are TWENTY sheets of glass that are about 6 feet by 2.5 feet.  WOOHOO!  He basically told me to have at it, and then suggested I build it as a lean-to on the other side of the workshop which is actually the spot I had identified as the one spot in my yard that might get a decent amount of sun.

So now I need to research and learn how to build a greenhouse.  There’s also a bunch of smaller windows out there, and I know you can find those as well.  I am so excited!  I should be able to get some good tomatoes and peppers this year.

In other news, yesterday I took the girls out and we picked some random spots and planted a few herbs and some onions.  All the landscaping is mature and every conceivable spot is already taken with SOMETHING so there really aren’t many places, but I think between the greenhouse and containers I should do OK.  Plus I’ll be sure and raid tomatoes from my mom… lol 🙂

One thing we discovered is another fruit tree and an abandoned row of blackberries outside of the fence.  It’s hard to describe, but our 3 acres is in 2 fenced areas – one is the actual backyard and then the rest of it.  The blackberries will need to have new supports done, but that’s pretty cool!  Landlord said the ones we have are Cascade Blackberry which get huge, so I am really looking forward to that since blackberries are one of my favorite fruits.

So now I have NINETEEN fruit trees and three rows of blackberries, will have a greenhouse too 🙂

OH and to top it off – there are so many red huckleberries, I had no idea.  I loved eating red huckleberries as a child but never was in an area where they are so prolific.  I always wanted to make a red huckleberry pie and now I should be able to!  So we will have red huckleberries, salmonberries, black caps, thimbleberries, and of course lots of mushrooms (I guess there’s a spot around here where the morels grow HUGE).  Foraging this year will be fantastic.  The kids will love it, well at least Ballerina Girl will.  She was quite the trailblazer when we were looking around the abandoned area.

P.S. My lime tree has 8 flower buds on it!  🙂

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  1. Oh, you lucky girl! I’d love to have a real greenhouse, but Mr. Granny says I can’t have any more of his lawn. And blackberries…..oh, how I miss our trips to the coast to pick them. It’s been years and years since I’ve had any, I always made syrup and jelly.

  2. sounds like both you ladies will be getting some presents from me come jelly & jam making time! 🙂 Deb – red huckleberries are small red berries, I don’t know if they are even related to the dark kind out east. They grow on big bushes that grow in rotting wood stumps which is why you mostly see them around here in the moister climates. They are tangy and delicious, but because you have to have the right climate it’s hard to get many of them (plus they are so small, probably the size of a pencil eraser)… which is why I was so excited to see so many bushes.

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