Sticker Shock at the Grocery Store!

I just came back from the grocery store and I was just shocked the whole time at how much things have gone up.   I spent about $156 for the week’s worth (actually will last about a week & half) which includes 2 weeks worth of game hens for the kitties.

I calculated that almost $70 of it was spent on things I could conceivably produce myself for free or cheaper.  In some cases, not cheaper.

Oil prices right now are at an all-time high and it is showing.  It’s time for me to get REALLY “gazelle intense” on my food budget, to quote Dave Ramsey.  We spent almost $500/month on food and that’s ridiculous.  Granted we are starting over with no gardens and limited food put up, but still.  By next winter the budget should be at least HALF that.

So, I’ll be doing some research to find out what I could produce myself easier and cheaper and try doing some things this week.  This next week I’ll be refining my flour tortilla recipe.  I will also try making yogurt and possibly even cheese… I shop at Winco and they have never had any of the good rBST-free milk in gallons but they just started carrying some from a dairy about 100 miles away.  I’ll try that, since the Spokane family farm milk was pretty good. I never had much luck with cheesemaking because of the milk quality, and I can’t afford to pay $10+ for raw milk, so if this new milk variety will make a decent cheese I will convert over.  We eat TONS of dairy, so if I could make cheese (and maybe even sour cream and butter) that would save a lot of money.

So – this week’s to-do list is:

  • Try making greek yogurt
  • make almond milk
  • perfect/improve flour tortillas

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