The end of the experiment

Well, sort of.  We only have one super slow computer in the house at the moment so I haven’t had much chance to get online lately, what with it being New Years and all the sports stuff (computer is how hubby watches his sports).

So anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Just wanted to post a quick hello and a recap of my “pantry” experiment.

We did end the experiment early because I realized that it was New Years and I didn’t think the experiment was a good enough reason to not have our traditional New Years foods, so we did shop on Friday.

So it was just a 5 day experiment or so.  What did I learn?  I learned that I want to do it again, for a longer timeframe.  Let me explain:

I did pretty well.  I was actually quite impressed and I think part of the reason why we did so well is because I am one of those shoppers who stocks up on something when she finds a good deal.  I did identify some gaps, especially in the green veggie area.  I’ll probably post on that itself when I can wrap my head around a solution.

But really, all in all, we did OK.  Morning Moo’s powdered milk sub makes a pretty good coffee creamer (especially when you have flavoring syrups on hand like I do), and the kids were fine with it as milk.  Given the fact that we have a quarter of a cow in the freezer, a couple chickens and I tend to have lots of canned tomatoes and bulk stuff like beans & rice on hand, it was ok.

This sort of experiment however would not have gone well if I was not thje stock-up shopper!  I did get a little bored but mostly it was because I ran out of fresh produce quickly.

See, I don’t care for greens and canned veggies (except for corn and tomatoes).  I tend to buy veggies once a week but that ran out pretty quickly when I didn’t go shopping.  So, I need to figure out a good substitute.  Freeze dried veggies might just be the ticket, but I need to experiment.  What I really need to do is get a dehydrator and figure out what I can dry myself.

Someone had suggested drying or freezing green peppers, and I think that is a great option.  I think I wouldn’t mind that in cooked foods.  Considering my yard is 90% shade I am limited in what veggies I can grow… but I should have some broccoli at least in the freezer next year.

But then again this brings up another problem.  I did this experiment to see what life would be like if I could not get to the store.  But what if we had no POWER?  I have a freezer full of meat!  I do have a pressure canner and I’ve canned meat before but man, that would be a lot of work and I don’t nearly have enough jars.

I think that’s a big gap… need more canning jars.  Just to have on hand, even.  I’d be devastated if we lost power and I lost that whole freezerful of meat.

Anyway I suppose that’s the end of the summary.  So in a nutshell, I think I need more canning jars, I wish there was a local dairy but we did OK, I need to find a way to store green veggies in a way I will like them, and I want to do this again but for a couple WEEKS this time.

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  1. I so want to do this! I’m really curious how we’ll do, because I feel like I have reserves and could do just fine. We’ll see, thanks for the post, I’m more encouraged.

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