How to Mill Wheat Into Flour – Using my Vitalmill Grinder


Vitalmill Wheat GrinderYou asked for it, now you got it!  Here’s a review and tutorial of me showing you how to mill wheat into flour using my Vitalmill grinder.  I use hard winter white wheat.  If you are not sure which  kind of wheat to get, you may want to revisit my Red Wheat Vs White Wheat post.

Here’s my grinder.  I chose Vitalmill because it can grind lots of different grains (including corn) and it had a decent price point. With wheat grinders, you definitely get what you pay for.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have $300+ to pay for the Country Living mill I really wanted, and I thought the Vitalmill would do really great for me at about half the price.  I was right – the Vitalmill has been fantastic and does everything I wanted an electric grinder to do.

I would really like to also get a manual grinder, just in case of the occasional power outage.  For that reason I am trying to keep track of how much flour we use and make sure I have a couple weeks pre-ground.  I haven’t done anything besides wheat yet but I do plan on trying corn and bean meal.

There is some debate on the right way to mill wheat.  Or actually, how to use the flour.  One side of the camp says that you should use it the same day you grind it for maximum nutrition.  The other side says the freshly ground flour needs a few weeks to mature in order for the protein to work at it’s best efficiency and also for digestibility (and it supposedly bleaches itself a bit naturally).  Personally, I am not sure just yet, but I will do some comparisons down the road once I’ve got a better handle on our usage.

I can guarantee you though, I will not be grinding wheat every day.  It is very loud!  Most grinders are, from what I understand.  Other than the loudness, I really love my grinder.  The thing is tough and has a pretty high capacity.  Just not something I’d want to whip out and grind up a few cups when I want to bake cookies, you know what I mean?  Anyway, on to the tutorial.

The Vitalmill holds 12 cups of ground wheat which turns into right about 15 cups of flour.  It grinds nice and fine without needing a second grinding.  All you really need to do… is pour the grain in the top and flip the switch.  It grinds it and all the flour ends up in the bottom bucket.  It does get a little flour in the air but not very much.
Vitalmill Wheat Mill

The Vitalmill includes a little brush to clean off the underside of the grinder and the flour bucket so you can make sure to get all the flour you ground.  Nice!

Underside of Vitalmill

Once it’s all ground, I sift the flour.  I sift it because I make a lot of bread and tortillas that need to have developed gluten.  One of the problems with wheat bran is that it tends to inhibit proper gluten development because it has sharp little edges that CUT through the gluten strands.  So I run it through my little sifter, and the leftover wheat bran gets put into granola or quick breads or whatever it is I happen to be making that doesn’t require developed gluten.  There’s still quite a bit of bran the doesn’t get sifted out, but it reduces it quite a bit.

Sifting Whole Wheat Flour Sifted Wheat Bran

The greatest part is this – the bottom line. I buy wheat for $7/25lbs at the local Mormon cannery.  That puts it at $.28/lb.  You can’t buy fresh whole wheat flour for that price ANYWHERE.  The flour I get from my grinder is a better quality due to its freshness, than King Arthur.  King Arthur Whole White Wheat flour is what I would buy if I could not grind my own, and it costs about $1/lb.  It’s nutritious and is a suitable substitute for all-purpose flour.  I’ve successfully used it to make not only bread but pancakes, muffins, and pizza crust so far.  I will eventually try cookies too!  🙂

Fresh Ground Wheat Flour Closeup of Fine Ground Wheat Flour

And that’s all, folks!  I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to mill wheat into flour.
Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Vitalmill grinder is one of the best wheat grinder. It’s very useful grinder product & handy to use. Last night I used vitalmill grinder for grinding wheat to flour. I am really satisfied by using it. Thanks for your interesting sounds!

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