My Couponing Disaster Day


Sometimes I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I just get so bogged down and busy with things and I have TOOOOOO much on my plate.

Yesterday was a horrible day for the records.  It was my designated shopping day (remember, I only shop every 2 weeks) and I ended up taking Little Rambo with me.  HUGE MISTAKE!  lol.  Little Rambo is two years old and sometimes she is intent on making sure the world knows.  She was acting up horribly the whole time.

Actually I should start at the beginning, about 7:30 am when i started planning my trip.  I am COUPONING, you know!  that means multiple stores and multiple transactions.  I hate doing that stuff.  So my plan was to do my regular grocery shopping at Winco, and use a few coupons that I had there for things like sugar, kielbasa, and other stuff I was gonna buy anyway.  I think I saved about $6 but don’t have my receipts.  Then, I was going to go to Albertsons to get some free kikkoman soy sauce and cheap eggs.  Then off to Ride Aid for nearly free deodorant, toothpaste and fabric softener (which would have required about 5 transactions).

Planning took several HOURS.  My printer wasn’t wanting to cooperate, and I had to keep running back and forth and also feeding my kids, etc.  It was also a beautiful day and PERFECT for doing some of the pruning and trimming work I have to get done in the next couple weeks, but no… I was COUPONING.

It started off ok, until Little Rambo decided it was fit-time.  And she threw fit after fit after fit.  We were in the middle of Winco and she started kicking and hitting me!  That doesn’t fly around here.  But I can’t just pick her up and spank her in the middle of a crowded aisle.  Well, part of it was because she was hungry, I knew that, so I was going to get her something to eat at Albertsons. So I got my groceries and bought 4 papers since the free fabric softener coupons were in them.

Mistake – bringing a toddler shopping during lunchtime, when you are couponing, because having to feed them on the go kind of negates saving money with coupons!

So then we went to Albertsons and I went to search for the soy sauce.  Found it right next to the hot sauce that I forgot to buy at Winco, which is good, and then remembered I hadn’t gotten any eggs at Winco (I was planning to get a bunch) so I got a bunch of those too.  Then I went to the front of the store looking for the ad so I could get the coupons I needed to get the free soy sauce.  Not there.  I went back and forth with a screaming toddler (remember, she’s been pretty much screaming at the top of her lungs every 10 minutes or so this whole trip) and finally I found an ad taped up to the wall in some dingy corner.  No coupons to be seen.

Frustrated, I went to go put the soy sauce back, went and got us some of their chinese deli takeout and left.  Get to the car to find out that the takeout was not only completely cold (I guess you are supposed to take it home and microwave it) and they didn’t give me any utensils.  So I am trying to finger feed a whiny toddler some cold orange chicken and lo mein with my fingers when I remembered there were a few granola bars in the glove box.  Gave her one of those, ate one myself, then gave her a little box of raisins there were in there.

Then, time to head out to Rite Aid.  Oh but first gotta stop at Safeway to fill up the tank.  Gas station was full, and so I went to Fred Meyer.  Got gas, then drove back to Rite Aid and stopped in the parking lot.  By this time she’d been mostly quiet because of the food, but I was just SIMMERING with frustration.  It’s not her fault, I just never should have brought her anyway.  When you grocery shop every 2 weeks, it takes a long time, and we’d left late so it was too close to lunchtime and naptime.  Bad, bad news.

Finally get to Rite Aid and try to compose myself.  I then realized that I’d forgotten my scissors to cut out the fabric softener coupons I was going to get, so then I had to extricate the newspapers from the bags of groceries and go hunt for the coupons.  I carefully folded and tore them out, meanwhile Little Rambo is getting more and more agitated.  OH AND THEN guess what I saw!  A special Albertson’s ad with the coupons I needed!  No one had told me that the coupons were in the special ad in the Sunday paper!  I was so mad, I read two couponing websites and neither of them had mentioned it, they just said they were in the ad.  My fault but still, really really annoying.

Alright, I am now ready!  So I get out of the car, telling myself ONLY THIS and then I can go HOME!  I unbuckle her, to find that she had an accident.  Little Rambo is potty-trained but she is pretty young still so sometimes she doesn’t remember.  It happens maybe once or twice a month… and HAD to happen there.

Good thing for me I am prepared and keep some extra jeans and underpants in my purse for her.  It’s really awkward trying to change your kid’s clothes in the middle of the parking lot on a nice but windy day.  So finally I got it all set, when Little Rambo spied a pack of old gross crackers on the floor.  She grabbed them and I had to take them away from her.  She threw herself down in the parking lot and had a kicking screaming and shouting fit the likes of I have not seen before.  I burst into tears.

That was it… we were done.  No Rite Aid.  I was done.  This couponing thing is just BS.  I didn’t want to do it anyway.  I hate shopping, and I hate being a pain in the ass for cashiers who have to deal with me and my 400000 transactions (ok, just 5, but you know what I am saying) and my coupons and trying to get it right but always having SOMETHING go wrong.  Screw the free stuff, it isn’t worth it.  I just want to get my groceries and go home.

I just came home, put her to bed, and went and laid in my bed.  For those of you who know me, it isn’t easy to get me to cry, but I cried the whole way home.  I was so frustrated – I don’t like couponing, and I only took Little Rambo with me out of the stupid MOM GUILT that I really really need to get over but somehow can’t.  It would have gone ok if I had been alone, and I could have savored the time by myself.  And right now, I can tell you it will probably be pretty difficult for me to convince myself to try those trips again.

I had no problems using the coupons at Winco, but usually when you try to do the multiple items thing to get stuff for free, the cashiers tend to start to get pissy with you.  I kinda understand why, although it’s not like the store isn’t making money off it, because they ARE.  But still, me being who I am, I don’t like to deal with that.

One thing about me that can be crippling sometimes is that I am sensitive to others’ feelings.  No, I mean REALLY REALLY sensitive, often to the point of my own detriment.  So me going and being a total PITA for a minimum wage cashier (don’t even deny it, you know it’s a pain for them) is very difficult for me emotionally.  It is something I have a hard time doing, and I can do every once in a while but it really drains me mentally and it just isn’t really worth it.  Not to mention I wasted an entire morning planning out this shopping trip that went completely awry, when I could have been pruning my grapes and fruit trees.

So I have decided I may or may not do the Rite Aid deal.  I’ll still use coupons, but in the meantime only for my regular Winco shopping and not the multiple stores thing.  At least, not unless I am 1. alone and 2. in the right mood to do it.

Yesterday was such an awful day for me that I just pretty much gave up and didn’t bother cleaning or doing any housework.  I talked with my hubby about it for a bit and we both agreed I am just too overloaded.  So I am not going to do rabbits, I am not going to worry about couponing right now and I am going to drop the sustainable agriculture class I am taking.  I went to bed about 9 just because I was fed up with the day.

Today, however, was much better.  I’ll tell you about it in my next post…

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  1. I would love to see stores have one lane set aside for couponners where they have to wait in line behind one another and everyone else isn’t bothered. Bet they would be crying like mashed cats!!!

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