My First Love – El Furro


I had a cat, Furry, since I was about fourteen years old.  OK his real name was Rajah, but I called him Furry (or El Furro for “short”).  He mostly was my cat, though due to circumstance over the years a few times he had to live with other family members temporarily.  One time he had to go live with my brother and he ran away almost immediately. My parents had moved across the country, and on a whim I decided to go as well (I was already an adult).  Great decision, by the way – I met my husband there!  So anyway…

I don’t blame him for running away because he’d spent the week before that living in a barn with huge scary horses… he was normally like the Clint Eastwood of cats but horses freaked him out, big-time.  But he landlord had found out we’d had him, and my parents were just renting until our house was built… so we were kind of stuck.  So anyway I shipped him off to live with my brother until we moved into the new house.  He ran away and there was nothing I could do from halfway across the country.  I was heartbroken – that cat was my best friend.

My dad and I used to carpool to work together when we lived there.  I loved that!  I distinctly remember one day we were riding home and I got this random call on my cell phone.  Someone had found Furry!  It was three months later, and they had found him!  Apparently it was a family who had just moved into the neighborhood and he’d been hanging around and they thought he belonged to a neighbor since they were new to the area.

I think after time as he kept begging for food they realized that he was a stray.  Unfortunately, the number on his ID tag was an old number of mine!  BUT, he was also wearing his new county license tag, so they called the number and gave them the ID number.  The county people gave them my name and they tracked me down that way.

That was on a Thursday, and I had him on a flight home on Saturday.  I went with a friend to go pick him up at the airport – my poor kitty was so scrawny and his fur was all rough, but he was so glad to see me!  We were only a month or two away from living at the new house so I just decided I’d rather HIDE my cat in the rental house (he was already an old cat by this time anyway, so not like he did much damage) than risk losing him again.  So I did, and we did just fine 🙂

Furry lived to be 17 years old and one day in October he left and didn’t come back.  My search efforts never paid off, and I think he just knew his time was up.  I’d always envisioned putting him down at the Veterinarian’s office, and holding him until he fell asleep forever, but it wasn’t meant to work out that way.

He was a good cat, and I loved him.  I’d post more pictures of him, but I lost them when an old hard drive crashed 🙁

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