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I love pictures.  No seriously… when I read blogs I love pictures so I can get a real sense of people’s lives.  I realized that I haven’t posted really any pictures of our new place even though we’ve been here three months!  So here ya go. Fair warning – there’s a lot of junk around this place.  The previous tenant was… um, a collector… and he was asked to leave so most of his things got left here.

P.S. keep an eye out on the shade level.  These pictures were taken on a beautiful, blue-skyed sunny day… and so you can definitely see how little actual sun my yard gets for gardening.

P.P.S – Click on the pictures to see big versions 🙂

Here’s Little Rambo in front of the house.  You can SORTA see it!  lol

This is the area to the north of the driveway.  You can see half the carport on the right side, and on the left there’s an abandoned car that is going to be removed sometime soon and an old shed storage thingy of some sort that we are going to tear down.  If you notice there’s that bright patch of sunlight – that’s the ONLY spot in the yard that gets decent sun.  It’s not a very good spot, either, because there’s an old beautiful rotting stump that I am not going to tear out so I can put in a garden… so I’ll put a few pots of tomatoes there and hope for the best.

Giant old cedars are everywhere.  They are beautiful but they block out all of our sun!  Ballerina Girl is really getting the hang of posing for my pictures, in case you haven’t noticed 😉

Little Rambo is really not being a very tough girl outside these days.  I think she’s having a problem adjusting.  I am trying to get her to have FUN outside but she just is not sure about it.  PS – this is a closer view of the area that is the only sunny spot.  You can see there’s a little room but not a whole lot.

Here’s a closer look at the shed.  I know I am nerdy to show you this but… look at all the LUMBER.  Lots of it is junk but lots of it is useful.  The rubbermaid is a broken one with a big ol’ hole on the bottom which will make a WONDERFUL planter… and the lumber on the ground is actually someone’s failed attempt at making a bed from generic lumber.

Here we are going into the backyard.  The house is on the left where you can’t see it 🙂 There’s a gate to the far end which leads to the landlord’s house but is mostly forest for a bit.  The trees you see are cherry trees.  We’ve got a couple fenced acres and lots of forest outside with tons of red huckleberries, salmonberries, mushrooms and other stuff I’m sure!

Moving along a bit, I’ve pointed the camera to the left and you can see the workshop.  That wall you see is where I’ll put my greenhouse, most likely.  It’s a good spot, there’s a little grassy area in front of it and an area of pea gravel so it would be well suited.  It faces south and does probably get the most consistent sun of the whole backyard.

Another angle of the same view, you can see the big ol Bing cherry tree in front, the grape arbor in back and behind it you can see the building that is half woodshed, half dilapidated chicken coop (complete with ancient cat skeleton and everything).

The back orchard area.  This was probably the only purposefully planted orchard area, mostly apple and cherry trees from what I can tell.  There’s fruit trees in miscellaneous places on the property, but this is a nice grouping.  And yes, that’s a toilet in my backyard.  It’s been there a while and the bowl is filled with dirt and molding pine needles.  I think I’ll plant something in it.  No seriously, I am gonna!

Backtracking a bit, this is the right side of the back deck of the house.  To the right (off the screen) is the spot I’m going to put the greenhouse, if that gives you some perspective.  You can see Little Rambo on the steps… she’s waiting for me to pick her up.  Really… that’s what she does outside.  I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and the flowers to come out (there’s bulbs coming up EVERYWHERE) so it can feel a bit friendlier to her.  Ballerina Girl is getting pretty used to it, which is good.  I mean, consider our old yard was mostly grass in a neighborhood.  Here we are surrounded by woods and towering trees.

Here’s the left side of the deck.  That tree is a huge old Bing cherry tree and I bet it will be absolutely stunning when in flower.

Some yard art left by the previous tenant.  I kinda like it!  It’s on one side of a cherry tree, the other side is an arrangement of decaying silk flowers.  Ballerina Girl loves it!  lol

An old birdbath.  It’s right in that one sunny spot in the front yard, but I’m not moving it!

And that’s all I got today!  It’s beautiful out here… the peace and quiet is tremendous.  I can’t wait to restore that yard!

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  1. Thanks! I’m sure your input will be very helpful, too. Today I went and picked up hundreds of 2 inch and 4 inch pots so hopefully soon I can start some seeds, I think I need to get my eggplant started before the 22nd!

  2. Bethany,

    I especially like the toilet right next to the cherry and apple trees. That could become a whole new method of natural composting. 🙂

    Do you have a good crop of apples coming in this year from your orchard, or no? We had yellow delicious apples this year, but not that many. We did have a bumper crop of cherries though, so that was nice.
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