My Lovely Valentine’s Day By Myself


So if you read yesterday’s post on how horrible my Sunday was, you will really appreciate my post about my Valentine’s Day!  OK it really had nothing to do with being V-day, just coincidentally happened.  Truth be told, Mr. Hot Stuff and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We never really have… guess never felt like it.  Maybe it’s because my birthday is the week before, but I think some of it has to do with the commercializing,  nothing but jewelry commercials, etc.

Anyway, but yesterday started off pretty promising.  Woke up in a good mood, and then Mr. Hot Stuff had mentioned to me that there’s a cool hair place in town and he knew I’d been wanting to cut off all my hair so if I had time it might be a good time to get it done.  I had an appointment at a new doctor and I wasn’t sure how long it would take so when I took the girls over to the neighbor’s house I told them I didn’t know how long I’d be gone.  I figured I’d be back around noon. Lucky me, the girls were excited to be there and didn’t cry or anything when I left!

Well, my new doctor was SUPER QUICK and I was in and out in a matter of 20 minutes.  My old doctor I’d have to wait at least 20 minutes just to get called into the exam room, and then another 20 minutes waiting for him.  I had close to two hours before I needed to be back!  So I decided to forget the MOM GUILT that was my mortal enemy on Sunday, and spent some time with myself!

So, I took my hubby up on his suggestion and went in to the hair place.  It’s called The Shop and the gal there did a great job on my hair.  I have never been one for getting my hair done frequently so I never really have the same stylist, but something I noticed about her is that she was constantly checking and correcting any minor little uneven-ness and stuff.

I’ve had my hair cut before where the stylist didn’t check that way, and then I’d notice little things here and there after I got home.  She also seemed to take my cue and let me just sit there and enjoy myself without needless chatter.  I wish I remembered her name, but it was a great experience.  My hair went from being long and unstylish, all the way down to my lower back and usually twisted up into a clip because it was a HUGE pain in the butt, to being shoulder length with layers that is easy maintenance and I can actually wear it down.

It was lovely day.  I drove around town a bit, then saw a little family cafe on the outskirts of town.  Stopped in for lunch, and had some of the best food I’d had in a while.  Charlie’s Cafe in Enumclaw, WA – wonderful.  People there were really nice, it had that great atmosphere that I had been looking for.

When Mr. Hot Stuff and I were dating, we spent about 5 evenings a week at a local truck stop called Johnson’s Corner.  We’d just sit and drink coffee and gaze into each others’ eyes.  No seriously… we were that ridiculous.  Some of the servers even complained, but we never did anything inappropriate, and some of the other servers just loved us.  JC was a wonderful place for us to be, although they did a pretty big remodel that took away a lot of the “country diner” feel and made some shortcuts with the food.  It went from about a 10 to a 6 between the time we were dating and a few years later.  I always  mourned the “old” Johnson’s Corner, and so I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find Charlie’s Cafe that seems to still keep that family diner / home cooking focus.

So anyway I had a wonderful lunch and just sat there happy as a clam, then I went to Rite Aid and I bought – some new makeup!  Without coupons!  And I only felt a little bit guilty for not having coupons.  It was worth it.

I went home, hung out at the neighbor’s house for about an hour or so and then finally packed up the kids and came home.  They went down for a nap and I tried out my new makeup using a tutorial from Makeup by Bethany (A very talented young lady who happens to have the best name in the world!)  It looked simple but wonderful – between the new hair and the makeup I felt like I was a completely different person.  I usually get in a rut with things, it happens FAST with me and so I was just thinking yesterday what I should do is just try a new look based on the tutorials.  It’s easy to do with video tutorials and keeps me from doing the same look every time.  So we will see!

And now for the PICS:



Big difference, huh!

Yesterday was SUCH a better day than Sunday!  OK so yes I didn’t get much housework done.  Kitchen didn’t get fully cleaned, floors are still messsy, etc.  The kittens peed on the bed (again!) so I spent the afternoon washing bedding and didn’t get the regular laundry done.  That’ll get done today.  But you know what?  I really truly don’t mind.  I had such a great day yesterday that I figured I just didn’t care.  And I don’t!  I don’t even feel behind today, either… I just feel like I’m going to pick up where I left off.

And then of course… my wonderful hubby came home with a belated birthday present for me – a half gallon of raw milk.  Bless that man!  I love raw milk… it’s incredibly wonderful.  Just way too expensive to buy for all our milk needs, at about $10/gallon.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday!  As soon as I get my camera batteries charged I’ll take a photo so you can see the difference yesterday made for me.

OH OH AND I almost forgot!  Two wonderful things that really especially made my day –  last year I’d bought a Garden Almanac for 2011 but lost it in the move – Rite Aid had them by the counter!  I grabbed one.  Also, the other very important announcement – I am now IUD-less which means hopefully in a month or so I might have some very good news 🙂  If I can manage to get myself knocked up within the next two weeks I can have an 11/11/11 baby 🙂

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