Today’s big score!


I just have to brag a moment.  Not that I DID anything to earn it!  My landlord put me in touch with a lovely elderly gentleman who was cleaning out his junk sheds and had a bunch of canning jars he needed to get rid of.  I’d say about close to 60-75 quart jars!  Then when I was there, he happened to mention he had flowerpots.  I perked up so he showed me what he had – THOUSANDS of pots.  Apparently he used to start veggies in his greenhouse and sell it on the roadside but stopped and he has tons of these containers, anywhere from seedling size to gallons.  I took what I had room for, and he has lots more!  I did give him 4 of the apple oatmeal muffins I baked this morning in exchange but he was about as glad to get rid of them as I was to have them!

I really wanted to do extra veggie starts this year but the soil blocks last year didn’t hold up so well en-masse.  SO this is a fabulous solution!  I noticed I’m using lots!!! of exclamation points in this post… but as you can see, I am really excited 🙂

Here’s some obligatory pics.  Sorry they are so dark, I parked the truck in the carport so I wouldn’t get rained on.

Cool, huh!  I am getting excited.  He had bunches more, and I told him I wanted ALL of them but I felt greedy.  He kinda laughed at that and told me greedy didn’t come into the equation since he just needed to get rid of it!  I don’t think I could use all of them, but I bet I know some people who could.  I think my mom is considering selling plant starts, and considering the crazy vegetable shortage we’ll be enduring for the next 6-12 months, I think there will be a market for veggie starts!

In other news, I worked on my grape vine cuttings.  The other day I hacked the whole arbor to pieces – it looks great!  But now I have a gigantic pile of several years worth of trimmings.  So I’m going through them and taking cuttings from where I can.  I’ll start a bunch of them (hey, good use for those pots!) for the property and will probably sell a bunch of them on Craigslist. I cut cuttings for about an hour today and maybe have a quarter or fifth of the pile done… I bet I already have close to 150 cuttings.  I’ll just continue to do it as I have time.  At the very least, I know I have enough for planting at our property!

It was a beautiful sunny day today, and about 45 degrees.  Now I have to do housework… boo.

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    1. No I didn’t know if it would be safe so I soaked them in buckets w/ bleachwater solution. I ended up figuring out that my home is NOT suitable for gardening which sucks… too much shade and not really any space to put anything in so I am gradually taking all of them over to the family farm. Eventually we’ll be living there anyhow and my parents can get good use out of them!

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