Building a Chicken Hutch, Part 4

Chicken Hutch Door

Okay I know this is a little overdue, so SORRY!  🙂  I’ve been visiting my parents this last few days and yesterday came home with 5 chickens to show for it!  But first things first.

Last week I knew I’d be going and getting the chickens over the week so I needed to make the hutch livable.  It still had no roof and no door.  So, I scrapped together some pieces of lumber that I could and I made a door:

Chicken Hutch Door

One big obstacle I came across is that my screws were too long!  So I ended up clamping the pieces together and driving the screws in at an angle in order to get it tight without long screw tails sticking out.  This last weekend I snagged some shorter ones from my Dad that I’ll use to reinforce it where I need to, but I kinda got it to hold together this way.

Creative Assembly

I tried to make it lightweight but having to piece it together and provide support, it is fairly heavy but I think I did okay.  Due to the door itself I decided it would be best to reinforce the doorway itself.  Lucky for me I had some more lumber that required minimal trimming to make an entryway.

Chicken Hutch Entry

It still doesn’t fit flush because of that 2×4 going sideways on the interior.  The door does fit pretty tight so I am able to safely just push it into the doorway, but I think in the long run I’ll have to  mount some additional small pieces of wood to the door entry (door jamb?) in order to be able to hinge the door flush.

This last weekend I went and got some hinges and a latch that should work for the doorway and also we had put together an automatic watering system for the chickens that I still have to install.  Automatic waterers are really nice because chickens tend to get their water MESSY and they spill it, etc.  The automatic waterers are nipple systems similar in concept to rodent watering bottles, but fed from a 4 gallon bucket.  I’ll show y’all when I have it installed 🙂


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