Chicken Hutch Progress! Day 2

Chicken Hutch Frame

OK I call it “Day 2” even though it’s technically the first day I’ve really worked on it, but I would say Day 1 was a few weeks ago when we moved the built frame in from under the lean-to shed thingy in the front yard.

For an explanation of “the frame” I would refer you to this “before” picture:

Chicken Hutch Frame

There is a shed out front of the yard that had this frame in it.  Parts of it were rotting because of being nearly buried so I did have to cut some bits off, but most of the frame is still good.  I have no idea what the person built it for, but it will make a great chicken coop! (YES that is my gross compost pile next to it… my landlord’s dog comes over and digs all my stuff up all the time so it perpetually looks MESSY).

Initially I had planned on having it on it’s side, so I could have more chickens.  They need about 4 square feet each.  However, it was not built to be sturdy on its side and the amount of reinforcing I would have to do… well, I decided it would be easier to put it up the right way and then I could make an addition if I needed to.  So we put it back upright.  It still needs a little reinforcing but not much at all.

This afternoon I measured and cut pieces of paneling for the walls, and also cut out the pieces for the nest box.  There’s a couple pieces of OSB in another shed (yeah, we have like 5 of them here lol) that will do nicely for a back wall.  It will be very well ventilated but will also have mostly solid walls.  I also intend to strip out some of the corrugated metal roofing from the shed in the front where I got the frame, and use it to roof the thing.

The nest box will be outside the coop so it won’t take up any floor space.  I will hopefully be able to work on it tomorrow.  So here’s today’s progress:

Chicken Hutch Frame

I’ve leaned up some of the front parts of the siding that I got.  I’ll have siding on each end as well, and the front middle part will just be one large door with hardware cloth for ventilation on the upper half.  This frame is about 5 feet tall, and you can see the roof slants from about 6 feet to 4 1/2 feet or so to the left.

I didn’t actually fasten in anything because I had to get a new drill and my battery wasn’t charged.  Most everything has been cut to size, though, so tomorrow will be mostly assembling the parts.  All the cutting I need to do is cut out a piece in the paneling for the end to accomodate the nesting box.  Since I’m working by sight only (nope, no actual chicken hutch plans here or anything!) I’m going to make the nest box first and then cut out a corresponding piece in the siding.

The really nice part about this frame is that even though I initially am planning on having a dirt floor, if I do decide to install an actual floor the design is such that it will be really easy to do.  I don’t want to do it that way to start off, just mainly because as it is now I can easily get inside and maneuver around, which I could not do with a floor that won’t hold my weight.  Or at least, shouldn’t!

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