My Chicken Hutch Plans – The beginning!

Chicken Hutch Plans

Alright well what with this horrible weather we’ve been having I haven’t been doing much with the chicken hutch plans. OK the weather is BEAUTIFUL (lots of snow) but not conducive to doing much outdoors, especially with my kids still apprehensive of playing outside without me right there with them.

Chicken Hutch PlansHOWEVER, we did get the frame moved and put into the correct spot. Here it is! I can’t remember if I’d already posted on this so if I have, forgive me. There is a big shed out front that had this big wooden frame thing built inside of it but not attached. The shed is actually going to come down pretty soon which will give me some nice building materials, but the frame was just right for a chicken coop/tractor/hutch for about 8 or 9 hens.

So with Mr. Hot Stuff’s muscle-y help, I dragged the frame out, we put it in the back of the truck and moved it out to the back part of the house where I want to put the coop. It will be right between the greenhouse and the wood shed.

The plan is to cover both ends with a solid side, with a large nest box and a built in feeder. My mom mentioned she’d noticed that a lot of the times her chickens would cram into one nest box together, because they are pretty social creatures. That makes sense to me, so I’m going to build a nest box that’s at least 2 feet wide. I’ll also build an automatic feeder, looks kinda like a giant bird feeder. My dad built a big one for their chickens so I will make a smaller version.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get a few things – Mr. Hot Stuff had gotten me a good deal on a reciprocating saw ($15) and I had to get blades. I stopped by the cull lumber cart and there were 4 4-foot-square pieces of sheet outdoor siding, but they were unmarked. I found the lumber lady and she gave me a steal – $.52 apiece! They will be used as the end pieces for the coop and probably part of the sides. I do want to have one end be more enclosed so the chickens will at least have one spot enclosed on 3 sides. I also found some laminated plywood for $.52 which will be perfect for the nest box – I think it was about 2 feet by 4 feet.

So that’s the chicken hutch plans for now, but stay tuned because as soon as this weather clears up I am going to get it finished and filled with some busy pullets! 🙂

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