Chicken Hutch Progress, Day 3

Chicken Hutch Progress

We really got a lot done on the chicken hutch!  Pictures speak louder than words 🙂

Chicken Hutch Plans
We just got started here.  I can’t remember what I’m doing, but I’m sure it was useful!

Walkin on Sunshine
A real woman isn’t afraid to step in a little rotting compost to put her chicken hutch walls up!

Chicken Hutch Progress
Here’s the progress I made.  On the left you can see the nest box.  Don’t worry about that top, that’s not the final top.  The final top will be a bigger piece of laminated plywood and I’m going to make it hinged to raise up and little hooks on the sides to keep it fastened.  The roof will extend out on that left side to keep the rain off it as well.

On the top of the chicken hutch I have it covered flat with hardware cloth.  You can see in the back there are some gaps in the walls that are also covered with hardware cloth.  The roof will go on top but it won’t actually cover the hardware cloth so it will stay dry but the entire top will be open to the air.  Kinda like as if the roof was a whole separate part, which essentially it will be.

I still don’t really know how I am going to do the door.  I am out of hardware cloth, though there might be some sitting around here, so I might need to make a solid door.  I still do need a few things to finish it, I’m almost out of screws and I need to get hinges for the nest box and the door, but I think we made some nice progress.  I am going into town tomorrow to get the kittens SNIP SNIPPED so I might swing by the hardware store if I don’t find any more hardware cloth for the door.

I am getting the chickens next weekend but I’m leaving town to get them so I might have to delegate the roof to my hubby.  I can finish the door up this week hopefully, even if it rains, just because I can make the door separately.  The roof, however, is really big and ungainly and is one thing I can’t do by myself.  It will be made from corrugated roofing that is already on the shed in the front so I have to get it off that shed and moved out to the back yard and put on the coop.  We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, here’s some more cute pics of my Helpy Helpertons

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  1. Awesome! What kind of chickens will you be getting? My mom and her husband just got a few new ones. Rhode Island Reds I think. I can’t wait to get a house someday for my future hens!

    p.s. kids are adorable! They look like they were enjoying themselves.

    1. Well I’m actually going to be taking some chickens off my mom’s hands! So we’re getting 1 barred rock (which is Ballerina Girl’s hen, she even picked her out as a chick) named “My Black One” (guess who named her… lol), 2 auracanas named Caramel Corn and Marshmallow and 2 leghorns called Henny and Penny. I’d like to also get 3 or 4 black stars or australorps as well but I’ll wait a bit on those. And yes, they LOVE doing projects like this.

    1. Thanks! me too 🙂 Tomorrow will probably be day 4, I have to put together the door. If weather permits then I will actually get the door hung.

  2. Hi, got your message about raising the freedom rangers. I thought about raising them at some point but when I looked into the breeding, it got complicated because they are hybrid. I know the place that sells them has to get their stock from Europe and they have to sell straight crosses. Meaning they don’t breed Freedom Rangers with one another. I would love to see someone take the breed and make it into it’s own class. Keep me updated on that.

  3. Oh I will for sure! I really don’t like doing the hybrid thing, but I figure, there’s got to be some point between the ridiculous unhealthiness of the Cornish Cross and the slow growth of a dual purpose. So, I’ll be selecting for fast growth primarily, and not worrying about egg laying or broodiness. As long as they lay SOME eggs, and you’ve got yourself a broody hen, you could hatch these meat chickens and keep breeding them indefinitely. That’s the idea. I guess I get frustrated with the “all or nothing” mentality sometimes, and I try my hardest to think outside the box, so I figure maybe I can figure out how to stabilize them to produce the fastest possible growing meat bird that can self-perpetuate. We will see!

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