Here’s the super-secret reason why I’m taking a break from blogging.


Okay so maybe not super-secret.  Well, actually it kinda is because I won’t be telling anyone on Facebook for at least another couple weeks or so.  But I have told SOME people already so it’s not totally a secret.

It’s a lovely Easter afternoon at the tail end of naptime and I’m the only one awake.  Which is actually pretty odd, because I’ve been SO TIRED lately.  Lately it seems like I just can’t keep ahead of things, as discussed in my previous post.  I do have a specific reason for that, though.  But really, I know that all you Momma bloggers out there know exactly what I mean… sometimes it’s all we can do to STAY AWAY from the blog for a little while so we can be constructive in our day.

With getting plants set out (oops, haven’t done that, and our last frost date came and went already!), NOT getting around to building the greenhouse, trying to keep up with training the new dog (oh I forgot to post about her!  more on her in a bit), trying to get the chickens to actually lay IN the coop instead of in random hidey holes, I’ve just been a bit overrun.

Oh real quick – we adopted a FABULOUS new dog recently, she’s a 3 year old American Bulldog named Leia.  AKA Your Worshipfulness 🙂  She’s been stellar, is very eager to please, great with the kids, and hasn’t tried to eat a chicken yet!  She’s not a big fan of the landlord but she did great when my family was here this weekend and so I think she’s just reallllly sensitive to when I am actually excited that someone is around.

ANYWAY back on topic.  So why am I going to make it official?  Well, I have a lot going on.  Not only do I make bread, tortillas, dinner from scratch, grocery shop, keep chickens, try to grow food, maintain fruit trees, restore the blackberry brambles, dig up raspberry starts from the neighbors, do the laundry, and most importantly, HANG WITH MY KIDS… but I am also doing something special.  It makes me tired.  Sometimes a bit cranky.  And so far, not nauseous at all, surprisingly.

I’m manufacturing a person!  Yes, I am officially six weeks pregnant as of today.  I am SO excited.  You see, with my girls, I didn’t really get to mother them as babies on MY terms.  Breastfeeding had to be cut short, disposable diapers had to be used instead of cloth, and daycare was great but not a substitute for ME.  This time, I get to do it as I want.  No more closet-sized “Mommy Room” at the office.  No more speeding over to the daycare on my lunch hour to get 10 minutes of nursing in and eating PBJ on the way.  No more trash bags to the landfill with disposable diapers.  No more rushing around to get everyone fed and ready and gone in the morning.

No, this time I get to nurse as much as I want, and I think my milk supply will actually STAY.  I get to use the gentle cloth dipes that I love to use.  I get to carry my baby around in my Moby wrap as much as I want, and most importantly, NOT RUSH OFF anywhere in the morning!  It killed me, I swear.  That was one of the worst parts of being a working mom to me… having to get up and rush everyone and rush feed and get dressed and try and get these LITTLE kids to understand why we couldn’t just lollygag around all morning, then rush off to daycare, drop off the kids and get to work.  NO MORE!

Can you tell I’m excited?  🙂  Let’s just REALLY hope and pray that I am able to have a regular birth this time.  2 kids and I don’t know what it feels like to give birth, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I’m pretty determined to not allow a c-section this time unless the baby is in distress. Given the fact that my body seemed to want to NOT go into labor both times with my girls, my Dec 18 due date might turn into a Christmas baby 🙂  I figure I’ll give it until 42 weeks max.

So having said that, any of you who have been pregnant before know exactly what I mean when I say… I am TIRED.  Constantly.  I can barely keep up with keeping the house moderately un-filthy, laundry done and food on the table.  So I am now officially taking a break from blogging.  Now remember, you can subscribe to email updates on my RSS feed in the upper right corner so when I do have the energy to blog again then you’ll hear every torrid detail.

Until then, adios and thank you for reading 🙂


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  1. I KNEW it! I really did have a feeling, from your latest blogs, that this was your “problem”, and a what a wonderful “problem” to have. Yes, you need to take a rest from blogging, and take time for yourself. None of your other chores will be as forgiving, so I certainly understand that even the few minutes it takes to write the blog are precious minutes right now. Do try to drop in on occasion, just to let us know how you’re feeling. We love you, you know. Our bloggers are very special people 🙂
    Annie’s Granny would love for you to read..April 24- 2011 – Happy Easter!My Profile

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