Are you ready? I don’t normally rant, but…

Hello my wonderful kind readers! It’s been a while and I have to say I have missed writing. I still am not going to write as much but I am hopefully almost done with the “sick as a dog” part of pregnancy so maybe here soon I’ll pick it up a bit.  Anyway… the other day I mentioned to someone that this was definitely my last baby, I can’t tolerate being pregnant again. She said “Never say never!”

Hold on just a minute. Some women take to pregnancy well – they get glowy and healthy looking, and the flowers bloom when they walk past, birds eat from their hands, etc.

Not me. Nope, not me. I’m more of the dumpy uncomfortable hating life variety of pregnant lady. This will be my last one. And someday, this child that is incubating in my womb will be READING this blog, so to you, dear beloved child, do not take this personally. I am so looking forward to seeing you in December (Dec 9th!) you have no idea. My body just doesn’t like to gestate.

This woman had kind intentions, but I was halfway tempted to say “Okay, do this. Go get a fifth of the cheapest tequila you can get. Drink it all in a span of two hours. Go to sleep for 5 hours, then wake up and how do you feel? That’s how I feel pretty much all the time.”

If anyone thinks I’m doing this again, they are foolin.’

I kinda thought that since I wasn’t all busy working outside the home this time it might be easier but it is, in fact, harder.  Maybe because I’m ancient!  I am over 30, you know.  Maybe it’s because chasing after 2 little ones and trying to balance chores cooking dinner with the fact that my stomach doesn’t want me to eat anything is a lot harder work than sitting at a desk all day telling people on the phone that PERHAPS they shouldn’t be going to the casino or having their nails done every week if it causes them to constantly overdraft their accounts and not have enough money to buy diapers (personal responsibility… don’t even get me started!).

The saving grace… my wonderful husband Mr Hot Stuff makes sure I get to sleep in on the weekends and doesn’t mind my constantly complaining!  Or at least he pretends he doesn’t mind.  Love you babe!

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  1. Oh, poor baby, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I was fortunate with my four pregnancies. Flowers bloomed when I walked by, birds ate from my hand…..LOL! Anyway, I’m glad you took time to keep us updated. Give that sweet husband an extra hug, he deserves it.
    Annie’s Granny would love for you to read..May 30- 2011 – Harvest MondayMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think (I Hope!) I’ll be better soon… I hit the 12 week mark next Friday which is supposed to be the turning point. And you LUCKY! My sister-in-law is the same, she always said she LOVED being pregnant. Wish I could swap her! But, then again, I do really well with the new babies… having a new baby was never as hard for me as it is for a lot of people. Course I say that now… I’ll probably jinx myself with that. But I suppose it does even out.

  2. The tequila reference is hilarious.
    I actually fell asleep at my desk – hunched over, forehead on keyboard, the whole nine yards and was only awakened when a coworker commented on my light snoring.
    Best wishes for an easier second and third trimester!

    1. lol thanks 🙂 I sure hope so! it’s driving me nuts to not have energy! And yes… I know what you are talking about too, I think I did that a few times in my last pregnancy too 🙂

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