Generating Income from Home Part 1 – Internet Marketing

Generating Income from Home

Generating Income from HomeAlright so the biggest thing I’ve been working on, and working on the most, has been different ways of making income from home using internet marketing.  I started about a year & half ago, trying to figure out how to do this.  It’s hard to differentiate between stuff that actually works and scams that are out there just in order to make a buck off you, the person trying to make a buck!  There is REAL information out there, however.  And the beauty of internet marketing is that it is often residual income – you set it up and let it go and it continues to make money with very little maintenance.  I much prefer this method rather than trying to make money with Swagbucks or online surveys where you make a few dollars per hour.  The beautiful thing about the residual income is that it frees up time, so when we are finally able to move out to the property, we can work at it as we have time and have as much time for homesteading projects as we want to.  And many of those homesteading projects will make money as well!  It’s win-win.  So, here’s what I’ve tried so far.

Information Products (ebooks)
My first foray into internet marketing for income from home was setting up a website to sell an informational product on how to make homemade cosmetics.  I’ve been a soap & cosmetics maker for many years and so that seemed like a natural niche for me to try since I was already pretty knowledgeable about the industry.  Turns out there was a little bit of an opening in Google searches for a related keyword, so I literally built a site around that keyword, got an affiliate link set up for the ebook (you get that through, and started to work at it.  With internet marketing there’s some things it all has in common – you need to learn how to make a website, you need to learn how to achieve first-page rankings in Google, and you need to learn how to keep that ranking.  I didn’t go through this with any particular guide or anything, in fact I had someone help me through the process.

The end result was that I did make money off sales through my affiliate link.  I probably ended up making about one sale a month, which was about $17, so the site paid for itself.  However, I have to say I lost motivation for it pretty quickly.  The reason is because of me and who I am – I am such an avid researcher that I just couldn’t handle setting up what felt to me like a disingenuous website that had the sole purpose of getting these people to buy an ebook that had information I knew exactly where to go find for free.  I fully realize that not everyone is like me – some people would much rather pay $30 for an ebook that gives them all the information in one spot.  The book itself was a pretty good quality book so it’s not like I was scamming people.  Having said that, I think we all need to work with what we’re comfortable with, so I started looking around at different ways to make money that would feel a little more natural to me.

Back to Basics – Internet Marketing 101
Since the person who originally helped me set up the last site was unable to help me further, I went and started looking around.  I had seen the possibilities of earning income from home and I was hooked but I thought there just had to be a better way.  It was hard because if you are looking for some sort of guide and want to read reviews, almost all the reviews are just fake reviews set up by affiliates trying to sell you the product.  I knew I needed some sort of written guide (that’s how I work best) so there was a couple that I tried.

The first guide I bought was called Deadbeat Super Affiliate by Dan Brock.  It was actually a pretty good program in most ways – the basic idea is to set up websites to review products that are sold on  You then set up affiliate links with Amazon and then if someone buys an item through your affiliate link, then you get paid a commission.  Commissions on Amazon are much smaller than with the information products I mentioned above, but you generally get a little higher search volume.  The other benefit is that if you set up review sites, most of the people who land on your site are actually looking to spend money, which is not always the case with informational products, so you just get a higher conversion.  The program was decently thorough, though there were definitely some holes in the way it was written.  All in all, it got me off to a great start.  I set up two different websites (this was last November) for some products I felt would be good to promote.  It felt nice because I could put my research skills to work and find actual physical products people were looking for, give them the information they needed and make money that way.  It felt much more honest to me.  I will say he recommends to set up quite a few different sites but I burned out after setting up my second site (I still ended up making some money).  Making income from home is not an easy thing to do sometimes, especially in the initial phase of setting up the websites.  It’s hard work, though it’s worthwhile once it gets going.

You may notice I did not link to Dan Brock’s program.  The truth is, while the program itself is pretty good, I won’t link to it for two reasons – there’s a better guide out there and I have some issues with Dan’s ethics.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but I think he has gotten caught up in the loose ethics that are common in the internet marketing world.  I got some emails from him promoting other people’s products that I knew were no good, and there was an incident with him and one of the marketers I respect (Tiffany Dow) where she made some honest criticisms of his product on her blog and he went on the offensive about it instead of accepting the criticism with grace.  So, all in all, pretty decent guide on making income from home (residual income, even – the best kind!), but I would not recommend it for those reasons.  There’s a better one that I found – read on 🙂

The thing with internet marketing is that it takes a while to start making money.  I set up the sites in November but I wasn’t making money for several months so I decided to expand my horizons a bit and see what else was out there.  I found a website where people would submit honest reviews and so I found my next step – the Chris Farrell Membership.  This is one that I would highly recommend, especially for people who are pretty new to this.  Chris was someone who decided he wanted to get into internet marketing a few years ago but found there was next to no information on learning the basics – how to set up a website, how to figure out what to market, basic marketing techniques, etc.  So, he set out to learn it and then turned right around and started teaching other people.  He’s been phenomenally successful because he’s an ethical person and he’s dedicated to teaching people from the ground up, even if all they ever do is check their email.  I felt like even though I am an intermediate internet user, I could really benefit from his membership and I really did.  His membership is really especially helpful to anyone who is interested in generating income from home but doesn’t already know how to set up websites, where to find the products to sell, the different options, etc.

His basic idea is this – EVERYONE is an expert on something.  And if you are an expert on anything, no matter how minor, chances are there are people out there searching in Google for what you know.  You become the authority.  There’s definitely something to be said about being on the email list of someone you trust to help you.  Actually, Chris has a free monthly newsletter that I started with, and you can get started with it too.  It’s called “Success Grenade” and it has tons of great information.  I would really recommend it to anyone who is new to internet marketing (though it takes a long time, about a year or so, to get all the newsletters).  If you want to sign up, click here and the signup box for the newsletter is on the upper right side.  Although I will say he offers a $4.95 trial of the membership itself so you can check out the membership itself which is what I’d recommend.  $4.95 is worth having a week of full access to all of his training materials.  I initially signed up for Success Grenade, liked the first issue so much that I immediately went out and signed up for the trial so I could get the rest of his info.  I found I was a member for about three months before I had gone through most of his teaching.

I ended up using his techniques to help build some other websites that haven’t made as much money just yet but I haven’t worked on them quite as much.  I really want to say though it’s kinda nice to provide some real value to people.  I learned a ton from Chris and all of his great training.  By the time I was finished with Chris’ membership I was beginning to make a little money with my Amazon product review sites, and because I really seemed to enjoy those the most, I really wanted to learn more about doing more with Amazon which was not something Chris teaches specifically.

Which brings me to the next product in my series on generating income from home – the Amazonian Profit Plan (my favorite)!  I’ll go over it on my next post.  Click here to see the next post – Generating Income from Home Part 2.

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    1. Thank you! And so true. It can save a lot of money, especially depending on where you live. Even just thinking about food prices – if you grow and raise your own using seeds you save every year and the free manure that’s available everywhere, grassfed meat, etc. your costs won’t really change a whole lot year-to-year so it really insulates you from the rising costs that we’re seeing at the grocery store. I was blown away when I did the math to see how little we could live on if we just could be there and especially if we could make our living on-farm which would in essence double the available labor since we’d have both spouses available instead of just one.

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