Generating Income from Home, Part 2 – Internet Marketing 2

Multiple Income Streams

Multiple Income StreamsSo last time I went over my thoughts on the general ideas of making income from home with internet marketing and then of course, Dan Brock and Chris Farrell.  Now we’ll talk about some other things I’ve done that seemed to be working well, and I’ll discuss a few things I want to try but haven’t gotten around to yet.  THIS IS A VERY LONG POST!  Lol… sorry 🙂

After I finished Chris Farrell’s program, like I said before, I went back to working on my Amazon review sites.  For some reason I just really was enjoying those.  Only one of the two sites I set up was making any kind of money (still, actually, has been the one to make the money) so I started focusing on promoting it.  And then I came across Wanda and Paula’s Amazonian Profit Plan.  It was a similar product to the one I had already spent money on, and you know it’s not like we had a bunch if cash laying around!  But I decided to save up all of the proceeds from my existing Amazon commission site and what I could set aside here and there so I could get the plan and I am really glad that I did.

See, what I really liked about Wanda and Paula is the same thing I liked about Chris Farrell – ethics, honesty, and a desire to actually give people something of value as opposed to treating people like some kind of money tree that’s going to spew money at us.  Something I had noticed about many internet marketing “gurus” is that while they say they will teach you to make income from home, and you spend money on their guides, they almost always leave out some essential step or part so you are not able to duplicate their results or have to continue buying more products from them.  That’s unethical, in my opinion, so I am pretty choosy about who I give my money to.

Anyway, about Wanda and Paula – you can read more about their story here – it’s a link to the page for their program.  To sum it up, they have been working together on making income from home for several years but when they started to really quiet down and focus on delivering top quality information and going above & beyond they saw their profits skyrocket.  The guide is a little spendy at $97.00, I will say that.  But on the flipside, I actually made that money back pretty quickly.

The basic, and main difference, between them and Dan Brock is that Dan essentially tells you to do the bare minimum in your reviews because your only purpose is to get them to click over to Amazon and let them take it from there.  Wanda and Paula, however, had seen a tremendous difference in their commissions rate when they started making their reviews very extensive and thorough.  They provide real and true value and very good information for the people searching for info on a particular product, and they have really seen impressive results.  And of course, if you are a frequent reader of MY blog you will know that I tend to go on and get into very fine detail about things, so it was a really good fit.  I immediately re-wrote the reviews on the one site that was making me some money to add a lot more detail.  Details like… features and benefits but do the research to see why that’s a benefit.

So, for instance let’s assume we’re reviewing something cool like automatic cat litter boxes (which actually would be a good niche, I think), there’s one model that says it has what they are saying is a “feature for the ultimate in cat care” called a “Health Meter.”  I have no clue what that is and why it might contribute to being the “ultimate in cat care,” and I would wager a guess most people shopping for them might not know as well.  So, if you were doing a review on that particular model, you might want to call the manufacturer or search on Google to see what in the world a “Health Meter” is on a self-cleaning litter box.  That’s going above and beyond!  And by providing all that information, you are essentially laying it all out for your reader and they have no need to go elsewhere to see if they can find more detail on the item.

So just for some numbers, in case you want to see them, here’s how mine have gone for the Amazon affiliate site that I made.  Before I put those out I actually do need to clarify, though, that they also include commissions on my Piteba post, and I’ll tell you about that in a little bit.  Oh, and remember – I initially built the sites in November of 2010, and that was about 90% of the work I’ve done on it.

  • Jan -$9.62
  • Feb -$35.11
  • Mar -$72.58
  • Apr -$14.79 (This is the month I began working on the Amazonian Profit Plan)
  • May -$38.65
  • Jun -$94.87
  • Jul -$0.40 (there was some sort of tracking error that month, unfortunately, so I didn’t get sales I should have)
  • Aug -133.17
  • Sept (so far) – $90.04 (halfway through the month)

So, as you can see, there was a pretty decent jump after I implemented the Amazonian Profit Plan.  July was a funny month – I was getting even more traffic to my site than I did in June, but somehow nothing was registering on Amazon’s end.  I finally contacted them at the end of the month and they looked and told me they didn’t see anything funky or misreporting, but the very next day (of course) the sales started coming in.  How coincidental!  So my theory is, somehow my commissions were not tracked during that month and when I called, the person who I talked to somehow either fixed it or triggered it to fix itself.  Nothing I can do about it at this point, but I know that the system is working.  And of course, the beautiful thing is that this is mostly residual income from home.  I have done no changes to the site since I updated the reviews back in April, and I’ve done a little promotion of the site but not very much at all.  It’s perfect for us tired pregnant moms of little kids 😉

I will say the ONLY negative thing about it would be that the plan assumes you already know how to build a website.  So, if you want to go that route but don’t know how to build a website, I would say actually go back to Chris Farrell since he really lays out the instructions like a blueprint.  Specifically, he shows you step-by-step on how to design a site from scratch or where to find templates.  I personally usually use WordPress, but I do remember there being a whole section in the forum (a hugely useful resource) on WordPress sites.  I bet if you had enough time set aside you could go through the training that applies to building a website in the 7-day trial period you can get for $4.95.  Then, once you know how to do that, then go get the Amazonian Profit Plan and build your site!  You’ll be generating income from home in a few months 🙂

The Piteba Post
Yes – about the Piteba post.  Okay so here’s where you can sort of see an example of this in play.  A few years ago I had bought a handcranked oil expeller.  I love stuff like that and it’s a pretty rare item so I made sure to take pictures and blog it (click here – Piteba).  When I started internet marketing I started tracking this blog as well so I could see which pages were most popular, etc.  Not surprisingly, I still get the most hits from Google to that page.  Probably because there’s little competition, but I get lots of traffic to that page.  Earlier this year, I saw that someone had started selling these expellers on Amazon.  Actually it’s a really nice local-ish guy who has posted several comments on my review.  So what I did was I put my affiliate referral link to the Piteba expeller inside the post and I actually started making sales.

The nice thing is that doing this works well for both me and the seller.  If you are an Amazon seller, you pay fees to Amazon the same as you would to eBay.  Amazon writes in these affiliate commissions in the fees they charge so basically, if you are working as an affiliate to sell a product, that just means more sales for the seller and you make money, and Amazon really is just the middleman and doesn’t have to do anything besides provide a little bandwidth on the site.  It’s a win-win-win, because everyone makes more money.  So, in any case, I have sold a surprising number of these oil presses through that Amazon link.  Specifically, I’ve sold nine of them for a total of $69.28 in commissions.  Not bad for a 2 year old blog post!

The other site I built after I got the Amazonian Profit Plan is the Homesteader Kitchen that I talked about above.  I only have 3 reviews on there right now, but you can see the depth that you will go in for these reviews.  Right now I have reviewed the Foodsaver V2840, Excalibur Dehydrator 3900 and the All American 921 canner.  I haven’t made any money off it yet, which doesn’t surprise me since it hasn’t really been enough time to build up much traffic.

Honorable Mentions
I have to give a shout out and honorable mention to the only internet marketing “guru” that I regularly follow besides Wanda and Paula.  That person would be Tiffany Dow.  Tiffany is probably one of the most brutally honest product reviewers I’ve seen.  She started off doing ghostwriting for internet marketers (which is basically when she writes and researches the ebooks they then sell as their own) and learned the industry that way.  She’s big on writing as a way to earn money online, which truthfully is a HUGE market.  But one thing I love is that I can trust her to be honest and ethical.  She’s always doing reviews of other marketers’ products and implementing them herself and then posting her results.  The other nice thing is that she does a very wide variety of different ways to make money so just by following her blog, you can get a pretty good idea of the different options out there for making money online.  Click here to go to her blog.

Future Internet Marketing Plans
I have a few more things I plan on trying in the next few years as I have time and energy.  And please remember – I am a very tired and very busy mom of young kids so I don’t really put much time into this at all.  Imagine what could happen if I DID have the time!  lol.  I suppose it is all cumulative.  In any case, there’s two specific internet marketing type things I plan on trying to make more income from home.

Private Label Rights articles
Private Label Rights articles are commonly known as PLR and they are a very good and consistent moneymaker in the internet marketing world.  Basically what they are, is a set of 3-300 articles that you write yourself on a particular topic – anything, really.  The articles are generally about 400 words in length and you package them together as a bundle and generally they sell for about $1 apiece.  You put together a set of articles on a similar topic and charge what you want, so if there’s 3 articles you charge $3, etc.  You can sell the articles to multiple people, and so you continue to get paid for the one-time writing work over and over.  PLR articles are so popular because the private label rights means whoever buys them, can claim the content as their own or even use it as content as an ebook and say they wrote it.

Sometimes the PLR writers will write PLR packs on a really popular new topic, whatever’s the fad, and they will limit the release.  They can charge a lot more for the packs, but people will pay the price because they know the downloads are limited.  So, a 5-pack that might normally cost $5, might cost $20 but it will be limited to 25 downloads or whatever the writer wants to do.  Having unique content is important, so that’s another way to spin things.  Many PLR writers have some generic PLR articles and some packs they put together for limited release.  Often you can also buy PLR articles on a similar topic from multiple writers, then put them together into your own pack and resell them.  I know at least one PLR writer that does that, which is a very good use of money for them and the people who buy the articles, and then the articles they themselves write are always limited releases with only 25 downloads allowed.

So, for instance, in the internet marketing world let’s say someone wants to start making income from home with internet marketing and they are, say, a chicken coop expert.  They write up an eBook with plans and instructions and all that, develop a great product (or they find one of the existing ones to promote, there are a few really good ones out there already).  But they need CONTENT.  This marketer, in order to get ranked in Google for their chosen search terms, must have appropriate content on their website for Google to see.  So, they start writing content, but it’s taking a lot of time and they see that (I just made that up) has a 5-pack of PLR articles for $5.  Well, good grief!  That’s a huge savings, because it takes him an hour or so to research and write each article.  So, the marketer buys the PLR articles, makes a few changes as he/she wants to, and now has 5 new articles or blog posts for the marketing site.  It’s a cheap way to get good content for your site, but then remember – the owner of is making $5 for each person that buys the articles.  Assuming one person a week buys that pack of articles, that’s $260 in a year.  Not bad for a few hours worth of work on their part.

Not only internet marketers buy them, but really anyone – retail websites, etc.  They are all looking for content to add to their websites pretty much all the time, because Google pretty much requires you to add content on a regular basis if you want to have high rankings for your chosen search terms.  Tiffany Dow’s blog is where I learned about PLR.  One of the beauties of PLR is that as people buy the stuff, you add them to your mailing list and let’s just say you need some quick cash for something, you run some sort of special like buy one get one free, etc.  Tiffany actually has her own PLR site where she sells hers, and she runs specials on it all the time, and she usually makes quite a bit of money on those because she’s built up a really great following.

As far as a resource to learn how, Tiffany offers a short PLR writing guide with instructions on all aspects of writing PLR including how to choose topics, how to market, etc.  It is called “PLR ATM” and you can check it out here.  It’s only $27 – I have bought it and I really like it, and it is definitely on my list of projects to start once my time is a little more free.  I tend to prefer to refine my current projects at the moment because I have such little time to work on it, but once I’m done being pregnant and the baby is old enough to give me a little time I’m hoping to have some bigger blocks of time to work on this stuff.  It takes me about an hour to research and write an article to where I am satisfied with the quality, and I rarely get an hour uninterrupted.  Maybe next winter 🙂  Actually what I’d like is to make a co-op site with my mom since she’s interested in making income from home as well, and then we can combine resources.  Anyway…

The other avenue that I’m interested is making money with adsense.  Adsense, in case you didn’t know before, is the Google ad network.  If you will notice, I have an ad in the upper right corner of this blog, and I get a small referral fee (usually between $.02 and $.50) for each person that clicks. It hasn’t been anything major for me, though.  I think I’ve made about $25 to date and I’ve had them up about 6 months.  I just don’t think I want to inundate you guys with ads!

Having said that, adsense can do quite well on sites that are based around having content people are searching for online.  I think we’ve all found those sites – we’re looking for something, click on a result, and get inundated with so many ads we can barely even find the content we’re looking for.  I’m not talking about those.  Actually, I’m talking about one particular site I came across when I was searching for a donut recipe to try.  I was really impressed – basically, this guy had a really fantastic donut recipe so what he did was set up a site with a video, recipe, the story of the recipe, and two ebook links (one for a secret restaurant recipes and one for the product he bought that told him how to build the site) but what was really cool is that in the video he put up showing how to make the donuts, he talks also about how he was surprised at the amount of money he made off the site.  He doesn’t actually post the recipe itself on the site, he only has it in the video so you have to watch the video to get the recipe.  This guy is a schoolteacher and set this up to make some residual income from home and it has worked quite well for him.

So not only is he making money from the ads, but he also has a platform to tell you “Hey, I’m making money off this site, and if you want to learn how, here’s the eBook that taught ME how to do it.”  I would really suggest you check out his site (and yes, the recipe was awesome too) just to see how he has it set up.  He makes money off both banner ads and the two ebooks he links to on the site, but what I loved was the fact that it is laid out cleanly, not cluttered with ads all over the place, and he actually DOES have a fantastic recipe!  It is a very refreshing change from the normal spammy internet marketer site, and is a fantastic example of providing people something of REAL value that they are looking for and being able to make some money while doing so.  Click here to see the site (opens in a new window) – Donut Recipe.

I myself have a recipe and technique for making flour tortillas that I’ve perfected.  It’s actually pretty hard to make homemade flour tortillas that are big, thin and stretchy because of the gluten in the flour but I figured out how to do it!  It needs a video demo, which I think would be perfect here.  So, someday what I’m going to do is make a site very similar to the Secret Donut Recipe site and showcase the recipe and technique to make my tortillas.  I’ll probably make my site very similar to his, since I really loved how he set it up in terms of just a few ads and not all cluttered.  It’ll probably be a while, but I know there are tons of people out there looking for this information and I have the information… I just need to get the time and facility to put it all together and coordinate someone to videotape me, since still shots won’t work for demonstrating this technique.  In the meantime, I’ve tasked Mr. Hot Stuff with learning what he can about video production so he can make a cool one that doesn’t look all amateurish 🙂

Final Thoughts
So, to summarize what I’ve learned over the last year or so I would have to say that there are tons of different ways to make income from home using internet marketing.  Not all of those methods will jive with everyone, but if you are interested and poke around a bit I bet you can find something you enjoy doing.  I myself have found that I am the most successful with doing Amazon Affiliate reviews, and I also just so happen to enjoy it the most.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed Amazon so much that I also became an Amazon seller, which is a topic for the next post on multiple income streams.  I am trying to make sure I expand to other avenues, however, mainly because of not wanting to keep my eggs in one basket.  I think if you are trying to generate supplemental income, especially residual income, doing it online is a really effective way to do so, but you shouldn’t just stick with one technique.

Google could change how they return search results (again), Amazon could go out of business (knock on wood) or really anything could happen.  I do not plan on doing any more internet marketing beyond what I’ve done and my plans listed above, so basically I plan on continuing the Amazon Affiliate marketing, and then I want to get into PLR writing and make that tortilla site.  So that gives me three completely different online ways to make money from home.  Beyond that, I would be stretching myself too thin.  Don’t think that the more sites you make the more money you make.  That’s sometimes true in a sense if you build low-quality sites, but one high-quality site will blow 100 low-quality sites out of the water and YOU will be doing less work!  And the less work you have to do on these sites is more work you can be doing out in the garden 🙂

It’s all about balance – don’t think you need to try the latest and greatest techniques (and please do NOT get on 200 mailing lists for gurus… it will just clutter up your time).  Try some stuff out, pick a few things to stick with, and stick with those.  I’m pretty new to this way for making income from home but so far I’m really enjoying it, quite a bit actually.

Next post – becoming an Amazon seller.

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