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Gosh it’s been a while, huh! I wish I could say I’ve been busy busy and productive, but the truth is I’m just kinda hanging in there 🙂 I haven’t had the mental energy to put into writing much lately and we’ve been going through a lot of changes. Good changes, but things that take my brain in places and then I have no room left to write.

One of the big things has been simply an urgency within myself to GET THERE. As in, we have this beautiful piece of acreage and we want to live there and raise our family there, but we’re not there. It’s all about the dollars – my husband has a great job out here that he enjoys, and there’s not many prospects out there. So, self-employment will probably be the way for us to get there. I’ve been working on that a little bit in the last year, so I’ll probably be making some posts talking about the various things I’ve been trying out and working on.

Another big change has been dietary. This pregnancy was plagued early-on with crazy insane blood sugar highs and crashes. The crashes would just wipe me out and leave me worthless for the rest of the day. In June, I finally had enough and admitted to myself what I had been denying for a long time – my wholesome home-ground-and-baked sourdough wheat bread was a huge culprit. I guess I thought if I ate enough protein that it would counteract it, but it wasn’t. So, after one particularly rough day I decided to go cold turkey and switch to a primal way of eating. At its core, primal basically involves cutting out all grains and all refined sugars. I was desperate to function again, and I felt like since the wheat and other grains were making my blood sugar crazy I should cut them out. Sugar had already been relegated to an occasional treat.

The outcome was stunning – I was blown away by how EASY it was, how my sweets cravings (not just pregnant, but these are lifetime cravings, people!) just disappeared, and I even lost a few pounds which I have yet to regain (at 6 months pregnant now and holding steady). Oh and before you flip about the weight gain, I’m large enough to where no weight gain for my pregnancy isn’t a bad thing. Got lots of stored calories here! Anyway I’ll probably write more about this another time because it’s been really surprising the changes I’m seeing. Even my rosacea is almost gone. It’s bizarre! I had no idea that simply cutting out grains (especially wheat) would do all that.

Other than that, not a whole lot of news. I’ve come to the conclusion I just can’t do gardening here. I have three pathetic 2-ft tomatoes in buckets, and I have one green tomato on one of them. My potato harvest from one of the two surviving potato buckets was small enough to hold in my palm. We should have a good apple harvest though! And I love having my chickens.

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