Multiple Income Streams for the Homesteader – a Summary

Maremma Sheepdogs
Maremma Sheepdogs
Little Rambo (front), Ballerina Girl (back) and Gus & Clara, the Maremma Sheepdogs that protect my parents' livestock.

You know, I realize this title is a little deceptive.  It should really be “for the WANNABE homesteader.”  Though I think non-wannabe homesteaders would also benefit from doing this stuff.  But in any case, now we’ve discussed the things I’m working on. Because really, once you are a homesteader, there’s a myriad of ways to earn your keep.  I’ve heard a lot of people who say it can’t be done – you can’t support yourself without a J-O-B but I’ve also heard from a lot of people who ARE supporting themselves just fine.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a penchant for monthly salon trips, because I think we have a pretty decent chance of getting to the self-supporting point 🙂

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1. Internet Marketing is probably the biggie.  It’s one that I really enjoy now that I’m finding my groove a bit.  I had a hard time at first because I just can’t handle trying to hawk ebooks, even though some people DON’T want to spend hours and hours doing the research themselves.  But selling real products via, I like that.

2. Being an Amazon seller.  I’m really liking this as well.  I hope I can make it profitable, since I just started two months ago and it does take a little before the ball gets rolling on cross-sales.  Here’s to hoping for a good Christmas season!

3. Peer to Peer Lending Sites – Also pretty cool.  Not much experience or much to report so far, but I have a couple loans that I’ve invested in so far and it’s kinda cool to watch.

I think between that stuff and trying to survive my life, that’s about enough for now 🙂  I really only have an hour or two a day I can really devote to it, since I don’t work well with distractions, but it’s nice to see something happening, no matter how slow and steady.  It isn’t a race, I have to remind myself.  Sometimes I do get really impatient because I see my kids growing up and I want to RAISE them in the country, not move out there once they are already teenagers.  But I trust God’s timing, in that it will happen when it happens.  Regardless of my impatience.

Once we get there, there’s also going to be a myriad of ways we can make some money.  Raising pastured meats, for instance.  There’s a pretty huge and growing market in the area for pastured poultry, beef and pork.  My folks can’t really do it on their own, but once we get out there we can work with them on it and bring in some income.  And let’s not discount the cost savings of being able to cut your own firewood, grow a significant portion of your own food, no water bill, etc.

In essence, we will be able to live on very little.  And the beauty of these things I’m doing now is that they will allow me time to do these things, like grow a lot of our food, raise meat for sale, do farmer’s markets, etc.  Internet Marketing stuff is pretty simple to keep going, and you can put more work into it during the winter which leaves the summers for working on or around the farm.  Selling on Amazon is simple too, if you use Fulfillment by Amazon.  Just make sure their warehouse has your products.  Easy peasy.

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  1. I’m liking the internet marketing thing as well. I can’t promote amazon directly where I live because Colorado made some tax laws Amazon didn’t like. It’s individual product promotion for the most part for me. We’ll just have to see how it all develops. As far as not having a job I think it’s worth looking up Steve Pavlina in google. He has some pretty funny things to say about having a job. You might get a laugh out of it. Thank You, Sye
    Sye Rodriguez would love for you to read..Yoga Swing ExerciseMy Profile

    1. Yeah that’s tough about the tax stuff! I’m pretty sure that’ll never happen here because Amazon is based out of WA but you never know. I have found, actually since I wrote this series, that CJ also has some really fantastic affiliate programs to promote that end up being better than Amazon. I’m testing out a few right now to see on some existing reviews but it looks promising. I just really enjoy doing the product reviews I think because I’m good at finding out all the little details about things and this way I know I’m providing a real value for people’s time by passing along what I know.

      And thanks for the referral to Steve! I’ll look him up for sure.
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