Announcing… Firefly!



My name is Firefly. I was born via planned c-section at 8:17am on December 9th.

My mom said that it was the best birth she’d had so far.

The whole thing was pretty much a fog for me, personally, but I do remember having lots of nice cuddle time with my Mama and Daddy!

I was born with lots of hair and my Mama thinks I’m going to have ringlet curls.ย  Daddy’s going to have his hands full with three girls!

I have two big sisters and they both love me. They like to take turns holding me while I lay there and stare at them. They don’t like it when I start to fuss though!

When I was born I was about two pounds bigger than my sisters were when they were born. My mom thinks it’s because of her diet – she didn’t end up with any pregnancy weight gain either, which she is pretty sure is because of cutting out grains while I was in her tummy.

My mama had a really great surgery and was up and walking around within a day. All the nurses and everyone were really nice to us!

I’m a pretty mellow baby. I only cry when I’m hungry or if I want to snuggle. I LOVE to snuggle! But I’m okay in my chair, too. I usually sleep about 3 hours at a time but the other night I did a whole 5 hour stretch!

My Mama says it’s okay though, and even waking up to feed me in the middle of the night is easier for her than when I was in her tummy. She’s slowly starting to get caught up on things around here and sometimes I get to ride around with her in a wrap while she does stuff!

I love to just sit and watch what’s going on.

Yesterday I smiled at my mama for real twice! Today I did once. Mama says she can’t wait till she hears what I sound like when I laugh. I guess my big sisters both had funny sounding laughs when they were babies.

Anyway it’s time for me to go have my nap… I’ll talk to you all later!



P.S. Here’s some more pictures!


Mama in her last big-belly picture. It was taken about 2 hours before I came out.
My Mama is excited that I have her cheek dimples
I recognized my Daddy right away even with that silly mask
As soon as Mama was in the recovery room, they laid me on her and we nursed for a minute before I fell asleep.
The first family photo! Mama saw it and thinks it must have been the drugs because she forgot to face me to the camera!
Do you think I am cute with my pink bunny outfit?
My big sisters are sooooo cool! I want to be just like them someday.


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  1. Oooooh! So adorable! So….is Firefly a girl or a boy? I can’t tell by the name ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m so happy you had a good birthing experience, I always felt like that makes for mellow babies. It sounds like you’re feeling pretty good, too. Good thing, as it won’t be long before you’ll have to get to work in the garden, LOL! Congratulations to you and Daddy.
    Annie’s Granny would love for you to read..January 8, 2012 – Time FliesMy Profile

    1. Thanks Annie! Firefly is a girl.. I shoulda specified!

      Yeah I agree, a good birthing experience makes a difference. I think the hospital policies in general were great. They kept her with me in the OR as long as they could, then took her to a warmer place with her dad until I was in the recovery room. But almost immediately when I was in the recovery room they helped me nurse (even though I was totally drugged and out of it) and made sure we had lots of skin-to-skin which is such a big deal for new babies.

      I think it really helped us bond quickly and made her feel more secure, because that short time while I was still being sewed up in the OR was the only time she was away from me (and the only reason they took her out is because they keep the OR too cold for newborn babies to be there for long).

      It was so worlds apart from when Ballerina Girl was born… with her they didn’t even show her to me before they took her into another room, and I had to ask if she was a boy or girl.
      Bethany would love for you to read..Announcing… Firefly!My Profile

  2. What a beautiful family! New moms are always beautiful, and the rest of your crew are gorgeous, too! Thanks for sharing the photos. I’ll get back to you w/the grain-free diet info soon, but tonight I’m tired and congested. Take care of all that wonderfulness!! And take care of yourself, too!


  3. Congratulations for your new baby! She is cute and beautiful. I am excited also here my baby will come out very soon. I appreciate that you have a supportive and a very loving family.
    Marnie Byod would love for you to read..Mitchelton Real Estate AgentsMy Profile

  4. Very interesting post.. Congratulations for your new baby! She is cute and beautiful. I am excited also here my baby will come out very soon. I appreciate that you have a supportive and a very loving family. Thanks …

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