Interior Designing Our Cabin

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This last year I’ve been pregnant which for me means pretty much worthless.  Now that Firefly has been born, I’m feeling quite much more up to snuff and therefore more proactive.  I’m getting more done around here and also we’ve been putting more thought and focus into our future plans.  Okay, specifically our cabin.

You see, I’ve made a goal.  Remember how I’m working on the side to earn money online?  Well, I had a good month in December.  Good enough, in fact, that I am now seeing that it could quite feasibly be that this time next year we’re building our cabin and making preparations to move.  That’s a thrilling thought but also kinda freaky. 

We’re going to be designing our own little starter cabin.  Actually we might take existing plans and modify them, but in all reality I’m sure we’ll make so many customizations that it will be VERY custom.  I’m pretty decent at the practical stuff, but truth be told, Mr. Hot Stuff is the one who is really good at laying things out so they are inviting aesthetically.

I’m trying to get better, but I guess I’m not very original.  Although I will say I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from, it’s a site where people post pics of their house “trouble spots” online and have others advise them on decorating and laying everything out.  It is actually pretty drool worthy, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time there lately (check it out – rockin’ interior design).

Anyway, so here’s what we’ve kinda got so far:

  1. We haven’t officially decided on a plan itself but we’re thinking a starter cabin about 24×24, 2 stories with a root cellar.
  2. We’d like to have 3 small bedrooms up and down below we’ll have the basics – kitchen, dining and living rooms.
  3. I would like a full-length enclosed back porch that can be a mud room of sorts – I can keep the W&D out there, the extra freezers, and coats, boots, etc.  It would have the access to my root cellar, and would also be a good place to put my seed starting rack!
  4. The back door would open out right by the future vegetable garden
  5. We will have a really nice BIG bathtub.
  6. Skylight in the bathroom if we can afford it!
  7. I’d love to build in some sort of access door by the woodstove so instead of carrying the wood in through the house to the stove, we could have some kind of built-in bin we put the wood in from outside, which would then be accessible from the inside.

We’d need to figure out a way to have at least one bedroom-able area downstairs.  What I mean by that is that this cabin will either be where we live forever, or will be a guest cabin when we build a bigger home.  In either case, there should be some spot or nook where a bed can go in case whoever lives/stays there has a hard time with stairs.

For that same reason, we’re still debating on if we should put a shower downstairs.  Seems like kind of a waste, but at the same time seems dumb to plan for someone to not be able to go upstairs without installing a shower downstairs.

Anyway that’s kind of it.  I’d LOVE any ideas… anything particular you just love about your house?

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  1. congratulations with your little fire-fly, and wow! what an amazing idea! I love your cabin, I hope you will be very appy there, maybe you find some tips or ideas on my site! thanks for sharing your plan!

  2. Love the idea of a cabin and getting away, the problem is we wanted to full time so we ended up getting a house with large property in Indiana instead. I know its a stretch but worked more then the cabin that we really wanted first. In any event, we love your cabin.

  3. That’s quite interesting Bethany. Wondering how did this project go. Love the idea of a cabin and getting away, the problem is we wanted to full time so we ended up getting a house with large property in Indiana instead.

  4. Hey I’m literally just stumbling upon this as I look for interior design projects myself and wanted to know how it turned out? Congrats on the baby and hope all is well!

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