I’m still alive! And an official homesteader now… :)

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Hello my lovelies!

Yes, it has been a long time. Years, even. But I’m still here! And life has been moving forward, even if I haven’t been talking about it.

I simply have not had time to focus on the blog. I am now running two businesses and we are also on the property, off grid, so my limited time has been spent elsewhere.

Yet, now that spring is almost here, I keep thinking that I want to make it a focus, even if I just post once or twice a month, so that’s my goal.

So today, I’ll update my situation.

I am now living on my property. Yay!

IMG_4670We build a 720 sq foot cabin shell the summer of 2013 and moved in that winter. It was a true shell – just insulated, not even drywalled, we had a wood stove for heat and cooking and heating water and kerosene lamps.

No water in the house but a spigot for the well about 50 yards away and I would haul water in big water jugs.

Now – I want to be a homesteader, but my plan wasn’t to go QUITE this rustic forever.

The idea is that we live like this for a short time which allows us to put our money back into the house/property instead of paying a landlord, and also since we LIVE here it makes it much easier to focus our time efforts on the place as well.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. It’s been slower going than we hoped, but this being the second winter, we were able to put some things in place to make it easier. I now have a propane range, a generator which I can use to run a mini fridge a few hours a day as well as my business equipment, a graywater drain, and water to the house (and soon I will the plumbing done and connected to the faucets!). And we have the bathtub connected to the drain now, so the kids can bathe in the actual tub and not a Rubbermaid.

I’m hoping within the next month or two I can locate a used propane water heater and that will change my life – heating water on the stove for EVERYTHING is a pain, especially when it comes to bathtime for three kids.

And, on the unfortunate side, my husband and I are no longer together so it is now me here with our kids. Which actually puts another spin on the blog, and I’m hoping that if I can consistently post useful information I can be helpful to other single moms out there who might be homesteading or want to homestead.

I’ll probably make a separate post later on my thoughts and tips for unintentional off grid living.

I am not going to stay off grid, probably – I am hoping to connect to grid power this year – mainly because my businesses require equipment that uses a lot of power and I’d be in big trouble if there was a problem with the generator and I need to have a backup.

That, and in spite of the fact that I am a very capable person, electrical stuff just escapes me and I have a difficult time learning it, and so I have doubts about my ability to manage an off-grid system, though we could probably do well with solar and maybe a little wind power here.

This year being the first year I can really focus on projects around this place I have a lot of things I want to post about!

Here’s a couple of the things I’m planning and hoping to be able to post about:

1. Using goats to clear brush from the area I’m going to turn into my tree fruit and berry bush area.
2. Instead of clearing my garden area with a bulldozer and removing the trees, I am going to cut them off about 4′ high and inoculate the stumps with Oyster mushrooms. There are 9 trees that will be inoculated.
3. I have a lot to say about various products and things that I’ve found make my life easier being off grid with three kids.
4. I’m building a really nice toilet box for our composting bucket toilet so I will make up some nice downloadable plans for when I finish and am able to post pictures.
5. I also think my blog is ugly and needs an update ๐Ÿ™‚ So we will see if I have time for that.

And there’s lots of other projects and things I can post about. Let’s hope I have the time! In the meantime, below are some photos of the place I took and posted on Facebook when we were building in 2013. It still looks pretty much the same ๐Ÿ™‚ And I wouldn’t mind terribly if you LIKED my page, either ๐Ÿ˜‰

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